“That’s FOUR-FIVE Years”

Perry-Steinhoff Wedding 1969“I had a post all ready to go when I checked my Facebook messages. Son Adam had tagged Wife Lila and me: “Happy anniversary you crazy kids.”

Lila had been working on a quilt and hadn’t seen the message. When I read it to her, she looked sort of mystified for a moment, then said, “Tomorrow’s June 23. That’s 45 years. THAT’S FOUR-FIVE YEARS,” she added, holding up four fingers, then five fingers.

“Wow,” he said.

We usually forget the date

We have a long history of not remembering our anniversary.

It’s been a good FOUR-FIVE YEARS (that’s 45 years, not implying four or five good years out of 45). I guess I should put the Big FIVE-OH in my calendar. That’s a real biggie.



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  1. Congrats to you both. Stay crazy and kid like as long as you can, that’s what keeps you young. We have you beat by two years and that is wat too close to 50 for me.

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