The Anniversary Card

Anniversary card envelope

I was sleeping the sleep of the just this morning when I heard a movement over by my computer. It was Wife Lila, on her way to church, leaving something. “Go back to sleep, she said.”

When I achieved consciousness some time later. (We won’t admit to how much later.) I immediately recognized what it was.

Anniversary card

Anniversary cardAs near as we could piece together, she remembered buying this card when Son Adam was into radio controlled cars when he was 10 or 12 years old. He’ll turn 33 July 7, so that makes this card at least 20 years old.

We forget to celebrate

Anniversary card 2

I described last year why I can never remember our anniversary date of June 23: Buddy Bob Rogers asked when we were going to get married. (Lila and me, not Bob and me.) I told Bob to name a date; he picked June 27. That didn’t work out for some reason, so June 23 was the alternate. (Lila was standing there, so it’s not like she didn’t have any input.)

But, I’m not the only one who forgets the date, hence the card. So long as it’s around, we don’t have to make a mad dash to the store to pick one up at the last minute. On top of that, cards are expensive these days. I bet we’ve saved close to a couple hundred bucks on cards by recycling this one. (I mean, you wouldn’t expect her to spring for a cheap one, would you?)

Five years ago she included a photo of me with Grandson Malcolm. I had been on a bike ride and had hooked up with them at Dreher Park in West Palm Beach. Malcolm insisted on climbing a hill in the park, then wanted a drink out of my Camelbak hydration pack.

He’s almost as tall as his grandmother these days, and we have two more of the most perfect grandsons in the world.

It’s been a good run. I can’t wait to get the card again next year. (And, thanks for letting me sleep.) She – and it – become more special every year.

Game plan is to head back to Cape noonish on Monday. See you all there. I’ll have a bunch of calendars for anyone interested in Cape. I’ll let you know where you can pick them up if you are there. If you would like one mailed, hold off a few days. Lila says she’ll play postal person when she gets back in town after the 4th of July.

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  1. Happy anniversary to both of you. This year I had bought a card and put it in my desk. Didn’t realize it was our anniversary until I saw Don’s card on the table. Oops! Have a safe trip. How much money do I send Lila for the calendar and postage?

  2. Great card…I am not that much of pack rat so al my stuff is in landfills by now. I will be in Cape after the 4th this year.

  3. Happy anniversary to you and Lila. How lovely to have a card that brings back memories of your wedding day and anniversary. I hope you have many more. My husband, Phil, and I celebrated 40 years of marriage yesterday, June 23. Our wedding date was picked because that same year, 1973, my grandparents, Frank and Edith Farrar, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary of June 24, in Advance. So the family was able to attend both events with only one travel weekend involved. We are nothing if not frugal and considerate. The family is lucky to have some love letters Granddad sent to Grandma. He was quite the charmer and I was not surprised to learn he gave her silk stockings as a graduation gift. Very risqué. They ultimately had 62 years of marriage, 8 children and many grandchildren. May we all be so blessed in our choice of partners through life.

  4. Happy anniversary! I’m glad I had something to do with speeding the process of you two getting hitched. The marriage seems to have taken hold pretty well. I plan on being around for 50!

  5. Happy anniversary to you & Lila Ken! My bride, Margie will have our 64th on July 30th.
    Joe Whitright

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