“That’s FOUR-FIVE Years”

Perry-Steinhoff Wedding 1969“I had a post all ready to go when I checked my Facebook messages. Son Adam had tagged Wife Lila and me: “Happy anniversary you crazy kids.”

Lila had been working on a quilt and hadn’t seen the message. When I read it to her, she looked sort of mystified for a moment, then said, “Tomorrow’s June 23. That’s 45 years. THAT’S FOUR-FIVE YEARS,” she added, holding up four fingers, then five fingers.

“Wow,” he said.

We usually forget the date

We have a long history of not remembering our anniversary.

It’s been a good FOUR-FIVE YEARS (that’s 45 years, not implying four or five good years out of 45). I guess I should put the Big FIVE-OH in my calendar. That’s a real biggie.