One of Those Days

Ellilot Steinhoff with 1st Birthday cake 02-08-2014Saturday was a dual birthday party for Grandson Elliot, who just turned one, and Grandson Graham, who will be three on Valentine’s Day. Son Matt came over Sunday to fix some computer issues I was having. This is how I looked when he told me that he had wiped out my data drives.

My mood will be better in 24 hours

Ellilot Steinhoff with 1st Birthday cake 02-08-2014Fortunately, I had a full backup that finished at 4:56 Sunday morning. After several false starts, I called Son Adam, Dad of Elliot and Graham, who gave me some hints on how to restore the data. Nineteen to 24 hours, 487,776 files and 2.34 Tb from now, I should look like Elliot at his happy stage. Had the local backups not worked, I would have contacted Backblaze and had them send me a 3 Tb portable drive with all my files on it. Downloading that many files would have taken months.

Remember the Red Button

Buy From to Support Ken SteinhoffSorry for the short post. Most of everything I’ve been working on for about the past five years is flying back an forth between the backup drive and the new ones. Thanks to all you folks who do your Amazon shopping by clicking that big red CLICK HERE button at the top left of the page (or this one). The small percentage I make off your purchases and the help from my kids are what keep this thing running. (When they aren’t breaking stuff while fixing it.)

4 Replies to “One of Those Days”

  1. I wonder when the idea for giving a child their own cake to smash, make a mess of themselves and the whole house what thought up? When did people think this was good idea?
    Cute shots, but a mess to clean up…I know, it’s cute.

    1. Terry, apparently it was a family tradition in Carly’s family.

      Civilized people got a piece of an unsullied cake.

      The one-year-old’s cake doesn’t bother me. What has always bugged me are the people who think a bride and groom wedding cake face smush is funny. I see that as a lack of class and respect.

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