The Missing Art Student

Art 03-03-1966 01When I took this photo in March of 1966, five students were in the picture, along with their teacher, Mrs. Edna Glenn. If you look at the crop marks on the margins of the print, though, the poor guy on the right was cut out.

I don’t know who you are, but, here, 49 years later, you have made it into print. (Click on the photo to make it larger.)

The photo caption in the March 5, 1966, Missourian said, “More than 35 local high school pupils have entered an art contest sponsored this weekend by the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and the Hallmark Card Company. Here, four Central High School pupils and Mrs. Edna Glenn, Central art instructor, take some of the art works to the KFVS Studio, 324 Broadway, where the exhibit is being held. The pupils are, from left, Miss Susan Welker, Miss Linda Davis, John Young and Miss Holly Lueder. Mrs. Glenn is seated inside the car.

Mrs. Glenn was mentioned in other stories


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  1. William Bradley Brune or his Doppelganger, who knew he was an artist! A man of many talents…not big talents just lost of them. BTW: that one fine Nash Ms. Glenn is driving!

    1. Terry, that car is a 1960 Rambler Ambassador Sedan. The car model name was emblazoned across the grille. I saw one on which someone rearranged the letters to spell out S A M B A D A R O S A.

  2. Oh my gosh, that photo is indeed an old one. Mrs. Glenn was my inspiration to become and artist and an art teacher. In 2005, I retired teaching 32 years art and Communication Arts. I am now a published poet and book illustrator. Thank you, Mrs. Glenn !!!

  3. Ah…… Yee of little faith and short memory. master Brune was not only a fair artist but was Mrs Glenn’s favorite. He went on to attend SEMO Teachers College majoring in Fine Arts and making that C+ Honor Roll several semesters.
    That chalk masterpiece he is holding in the photo was recently rediscovered in his garage and is available for purchase. You may contact his agent – recently resurrected Dick ‘masy√†’ McClard for bidding particulars! There is also a well maintained classic 1984 Honda 80cc Scooter available for purchase (frame recently refurbished). (Face too – but not for sale)

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