3rd Year Art Class Mystery

The Third Year Art Class produced calendars with images of local landmarks to present to Principal Fred Wilferth and School Superintendent Charles House.

I couldn’t find a story in The Missourian to give me any details. Like I’ve mentioned before, Google searches of old newspaper microfilm files are more miss than hit. It might have been that I shot it for The Tiger because a quick scan of the 1964 and 1965 Girardots turned up nothing.

School Superintendent presentation

In addition to Mr. House , I can identify the teacher, Edna Glenn; Ron Marshall; Norma Wagoner; Marcia Maupin; Martha Mahy and Nancy Jenkins. I’d guess on the others, but I’m probably wrong on the ones I THINK I know, so I’ll let you ID the rest.

Gallery of photos

Here are some miscellaneous photos of art students. I don’t know if they were part of this group or if they just got filed in with the Third Year Art Class.

I was NOT a member of the Art Class, something is clearly evidenced by my experience with Art 101 at Ohio University.

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  1. Did you know Mrs Glenn was a Miss America contestant? I have forgotten what state she represented.

  2. photo #5 is JoAnn Rodgers class of 67

    photo #8 is, I believe, Kathy Lewis whose uncles owned and operated “Wimpys”

    I remember that Mrs Glenn was a beauty contestant.

  3. It was Edna Glenn who inspired me to become an art teacher. I am forever grateful for the experiences I had in her art classes. I kept her as my role model throughout my teaching career. I can only I hope that I inspired my art students as much as Mrs. Glenn did for me.

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