Central vs Chaffee Baseball

Central High School vs Chaffee baseball 04-29-1967As usual, I’m confused. The negative sleeve said CHS vs Chaffee 4/29/67, the uniforms say Central and Chaffee and the school in the background looks like Central, but The Missourian’s sport section said Notre Dame was playing Chaffee and Central was playing Oran. So, like the cheating husband who got caught said, “Who are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?”

Even if you don’t recognize the players, I’m sure somebody out there will recognize the cars in the background.

Have to have hands in pockets

Central High School vs Chaffee baseball 04-29-1967It looks like you can’t watch the game unless you have your hands in your pockets or your arms crossed.

Photo gallery

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  1. This game was played behind Central, probably because either Capaha Park was already scheduled or it was too wet. I think it was a district playoff game. Obviously, the fans were not concerned with any sharp foul ball hit in their direction. There were also strange local ground rules since there was no fence at the Central field. For example, I believe it was an automatic ground rule double if the ball got past the right fielder and rolled on the parking lot. John Brandt was the Central runner in photo 6 and Mark Kirkpatrick was the Central player sliding into second in photo 7. Can’t say for sure who the other players are (Larry Kitchen in photo1?)

  2. Image 2, from left, Bill Bishop, plaid shirt, John Hodges, can’t remember, David Bacon, Joe Swab and can’t remember the other 2. Image 5 Stan Rider in hat by Joe.

  3. I do believe Jesse is 100% on the line up! Just ran into John Hodges at the Elks club Friday night…he looks very much the same!

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