Central Snaps II

In the same negative sleeve marked Central Snaps with the pep rally photos from the other day were these random photos.

Some of the film was in pretty bad shape and some of the exposures were marginal, so I apologize for the dust spots, blurs and scratches. Even though some of them are technically not great, they contain photos of some of the teachers I remember best. And, they did a pretty good job of capturing some of their favorite gestures and body language.

Miss Kathryn Sackman, American History teacher, had a way of leaning forward, cocking her head and peering at you through her glasses just like above. I recognize Joan Earley and Yvonne Askew.

Irene Wright

English and drama teacher Irene Wright, shown here in what must have been the auditorium, taught with a flair and a lot of enthusiasm.

Ruby Davis

Ruby Davis, in the background, taught art, speech, debate and sponsored the school publications. She also cut me no slack. I still have some of her critiques of my speeches. “There is no such word as ‘warsh.'” “Sarcastic may feel good, but it doesn’t win debates.” She despaired of ever ridding me of my Swampeast Missouri nasal twang.

I can’t tell how many times I’ve seen her with that hand on the neck contemplative look. When it was directed at me, I always had the feeling she was holding on to her neck to keep from grabbing me around mine.

Yearbook work

These ladies appear to be working on The Girardot. That’s Vicki Miller on the right. I must have been taking lessons from One-Shot Frony, because I shot just one frame of each situation. In most cases, it was one shot per classroom. I don’t recall ever printing these, so it must have been done as some kind of finger exercise.

Hallway photo

I don’t know if this was in a hallway, the Tiger Den or the cafeteria. That’s Vicky Roth beaming at the camera. I know she was beaming at the camera because she was always more likely to bean me than beam AT me.

Is that Carol Rawlings?

Is the girl in the middle of this picture in the library Carol Rawlings? Wife Lila says “no;” I say “maybe.” Anyone want to weigh in?

Sally Wright in library

That’s Sally Wright, right foreground, cracking the books in the library. It’s a fairly studious-looking group.

Central High School library

I had forgotten how crowded the library was. I see one person reading a newspaper, but the majority of students have books open and pencils in hand. That might be Bill East in the white shirt on the right, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

Is there talking going on?

It’s sort of hard to tell, but it looks like the couple on the right may be breaking the rules by talking in the library.

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  1. I believe that is Betty Rawlings, Carol’s younger sister in the picture above. Lila is correct. Thanks for posting all the pictures of our years at Central. I love seeing them.

  2. I had Miss Wright for drama. What a class it was we have a lot of fun in it. James Halter class of 1969

  3. Ken don’t worry about the technical stuff, the photos are great! I wish I could thank all the teachers at Central that tried to help my educational process. It is fun to see them pictured again. I am sorry that my memory has faded and I don’t remember all my fellow students. In picture four, probably shot in 1964, in which Vicki Miller is identified, to the far left is Lana Moore. Daughter of Helen Moore that worked in the office, Lana was a member of the class of 1964 and died much too young. We never dated but she was fun to be around and hang with during those years. I think the last time we visited, she was in the University Hospital in Columbia, shortly before she passed but I could be wrong.

    As always thanks for the memories!

  4. Notice how all the girls are wearing dresses or skirts, the boys have nice shirts (no picture/slogan tee shirts) and the teachers look professional. Those were the days. So much has changed. Thanks for the pictures, Ken. Really brings back memories of the good old days!!

  5. The sight of Miss Sackman brought back memories of yet another scrape with authority, but considering all of the teachers pictured here and elsewhere in the blog, many of whom were Central icons for decades, the larger question is why did they do it? I’ve no idea of the salaries, but somehow think them secondary.

    I live in a blue-states town approximately the size of Cape. Property taxes on a 75’x 150′ lot approach $20,000 per year, 65% of which goes for local schools. Were our teachers so different? I well remember some yelling.at me, deservedly so, but can one imagine any of them publicly producing the vitreol displayed on TV cameras this month? We didn’t know how lucky we had it.

  6. In the first picture that is Bobby Norman class of 65 with Joan and Yvonne.
    JTL, what is the status of our trip ?

  7. I,m sure all of our teachers did it for love of the job. I can attest it wasn,t for the money.My mom,Ruby Davis , could be such a pain to work for, but I must say she would never have ask anything of a student she didn,t feel they were able to achieve.For many years students kept in touch with her. I can,t express what enjoyment it brought to her.
    Like many of the teachers her journey to academia was intresting to say the least. Ruby loved her student almost as much as she did me.
    Thanks again Ken for all the great stories and pictures. You have helped us to remember how lucky we were to growup in such a wonderful time and place.

  8. I think Joe is right about the first picture. That was Bob Norman. Bob died several years ago on Memorial Day weekend while living in Florida. The Norman family and ours were and are very good friends. Bob’s dad, Lee along with Tom Cotner were the “Pioneer Pals” and sang on the Breakfast Show on KFVS.

  9. I had all three teachers, but none of my high school or college teachers made as great an impression as Ruby Davis made. I had many erasers thrown at me by Ruby, but she taught me so many things, including losing the twang, that I’ll always remember her.

    Bobby Norman was a good friend until we both left Cape and lost touch. We grew up together due to our dads’ playing music all the time. He died much too young.

  10. I think half of the duo talking in the library is Sandee Martin. Is it Carol or Betty Rawlings? I think I recognize the shirt as Carol’s. Toss up!

    Is that Donna Sides in the hall? One person away from Vicki Roth?

  11. thanks for the complment but its me,betty,it probably was carols shirt, but we were a little poor and i think we all wore it at some time or other..i’d love to have her back to fight over it again…….

  12. While I had none of the teachers featured when I was at CHS, the one that had the most profound effect on me had to be Inez Smith. Her perfect diction left such an impression on me that I made a very distinct effort to erase as much of the Southeast Missouri dialect from my speech patterns. Unknowing people have had difficulty determining where I’m from; at least mistakenly assuming that I am not even from Missouri.

  13. Thanks for the pics Ken I alway enjoy your posts. Our teachers were very nice. I did especially liked Mrs Muegge & Ms McKinnis best since I am a history buff.
    Does anyone remember a history teacher Miss Kitty Hart? She was only there one year and drove a Chvey Malibu. She helped me more in english than any teacher by giving me confidence I didn’t have. I have offen thought about her, because for being so young she did make a difference for.

    1. I thought of Miss Hart recently after hearing an old Freddie Cannon song, “Abigail Beecher”:

      Hey, everybody get out of the street now
      I hear the roar of an XKE now
      Sloppy sweater and pony tail
      And the cop on the corner is turnin’ pale
      Whoo! It’s Abigail Beecher, our history teacher

      All the kids are just crazy about her
      Central High would be a drag without her
      She knows her history from A to Z
      She digs the monkey and the Watusi
      Whoo! It’s Abigail Beecher, our history teacher


      We’re out in the hall and a-changin’ classes
      Plays guitar, wears blue sunglasses
      She’s prim and proper and a real swinger
      She’s gonna be a rock-and-roll singer
      Whoo! It’s Abigail Beecher, our history teacher


      History class is getting’ bigger and bigger
      They come from miles `cause they really dig her
      The P.T.A. was real sore
      When she walked in with a red surf board
      Whoo! It’s Abigail Beecher, our history teacher


      C’mon, girl
      Aw, you’re too much!
      C’mon, girl

  14. Wow…great pictures! and that is Tommy Holt with me in the hall…I remember the day that John Kennedy was assassinated and we were in Miss Sackman’s class…and she had such a perspective on the event! Some truly great teachers!
    Cheers from New Hampshire (the website is where I work now)…

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