A Pie Sale?

Girardot picture saleThe negative sleeve said “Pie sale, but I couldn’t imagine a pie sale generating this big a crowd.

Well, it turned out to be either a piece of bad handwriting on my part (or a piece of bad reading). It actually said “pic sale,” as in “picture sale.” The Girardot yearbook staff was selling leftover photos after the final deadline was met, setting off a mad scramble.

My internal facial recognition software in woefully inadequate. Wife Lila and her yearbooks help put some names to faces – Jane Coile and Joe Snell, for two. The girl in the middle who is looking at the camera is driving me crazy. I know her face, but I can’t think of her name to save myself.

Please excuse the dust spots

Girardot picture saleThe film was in pretty bad shape, so I gave up after getting most of the spots off faces. (Sorry for missing a spot on your nose, Margaret.)

There’s an interesting mix of students here. I think Rick Meinz, Class of ’64 is on the left, Joe Snell, Class of 65 has his back to the camera, and Margaret Randol and Bill East, Class of ’66 are on the right.

Photographic feeding frenzy

Girardot picture saleI can’t believe how many people showed up to look through the photos. Names I am willing to guess on include Diane Meystedt, Jane Coile, Bob Swaim and Susan Welker. You’re going to have to fill in the rest.

You can make the photos larger by clicking on them.

12 Replies to “A Pie Sale?”

  1. Yeap! that is Bill East pocket protector and all! Roseanne Hecht in the fist picture…Joe Snell is looking at her…dress. Far right side of picture 1#.
    I must have not liked pie…I am not in any of the thousands of people in these shots.

  2. I’m to the left of the girl in 1st pic (pie) but have my back to the photographer and in the 3rd photo: to the right of Diane M. Gotta get out the ol’ yearbook to help my brain on the others.

  3. The first pic looks like Sue Smith ’64 in center looking into camera. Lynette Lewis ’64 in upper right corner.The last picture….Alice Lynn ’65 in right bottom corner…center in front of Terry is Raylene Parks ’64.

  4. First pic: back row is Donna Pinkerton looking towards Margaret _________? (class of ’64)

  5. Guess I really never grew up ’cause daughter and sister-in-law recognized me right away—-from my BACK even.

  6. Who is the girl with her back to the camera in the blouse with dots. Someone must remember that great blonde hair that we all would have liked to have had!

  7. Ken,
    I’m catching up on your blog and just was so pleased to see my cousin’s picture. She’s “the girl in the middle.” She was Susan Smith or Sue Smith, as she preferred. She graduated from Mizzou and worked in journalism until she retired several years ago from the paper in Rochester, NY. Sadly, she has since passed away from complications of diabetes.

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