Cape Casino Update

Here’s a panorama of the Isle Casino Cape Girardeau taken August 3, 2012. Click on the photos to make them larger.

August 17, 2011

Here’s what it looked like a year earlier. Here’s an account of how the photo was done.

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4 Replies to “Cape Casino Update”

  1. My Grandfather, Luther Roscoe Eakins worked there for years as a foreman. I remember going by the building when I was a child.

  2. My father, Eddie Baker, worked at the shoe factory for 33 years and my brother, Marion, worked for 45 years. We lived at 811 Main Street and the thing I remember most is the ball field across the street from us. I broke my arm there and we set the field on fire one summer, by accident ofcourst.

  3. Nice of y’all to go down memory lane. But have any of you noticed how bad Cape has looked for many years? Neglected and passed by. Now, because of Casino money, Broadway and North Main are getting a HUGE face lift and there is possibly a light at the end of the tunnel for Cape. Now, if only the Broadway landlords will only step up to the plate and clean up their storefronts and rent to classier tenants.

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