Casino at Night

Back in 1966, I shot a neat time exposure of Wimpy’s Drive-In showing the traffic patterns in the streaks of light left by cars going by and into the teen hangout. I had hoped to shoot something similar of the Isle Casino Cape Girardeau the night of November 10.

Unfortunately for the photo, the parking lot was pretty quiet. It was about two-thirds full, but there wasn’t much cruising for parking spots. You can click on the photos to make them larger.

10,000 visit in first two days

The Missourian ran a math-filled story about the first two days the casino was open. The numbers were confusing enough that they updated the story to try to get the math right. I’m not even going to attempt it, so read their version.

I figured the casino would cause the lights to go out at the bingo joint near the public library, so we drove by there after shooting the casino photos. Much to my surprise, the bingo parking lot was about two-thirds full. There must be a lot of loyal players in the Cape area.

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