Warm Ears and Christmas Lights

Robin Hirsh and Mark Steinhoff - STL - 10-25-2009I had two errands to run that took me past North County Park after dark: I wanted a Wib’s BBQ fix, and I needed to return a cap to Buchheit.

When I was in Cape in 2009, I bought a super cap with fold-down ear flaps that did a great job of keeping my Florida ears from falling off in the cold. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack it, so I went in search for a replacement. Of course, my old faithful wasn’t in stock, and I wasn’t crazy about this year’s model, but it was better than blue ears. When I called Wife Lila last night, she said it was still hanging on the hat rack in the living room, so she’d mail it to MO, letting me return the not-quite-right model..

I liked the original cap well enough to buy one for Brother Mark. Here he and Future Wife Robin posed with the caps when they were new (the caps, not Mark and Robin). I think the classy way he wore it was what tipped the scales to get her to say “yes.”

The park was all lit up

North County Park Christmas Lights 12-01-2015Anyway, to get to the point of the post: when I passed the park Tuesday night, it was all lit up. If some of the pictures are confusing (like this one), it’s because I couldn’t resist shooting the reflections on a lake that was a smooth as a newborn baby’s butt.

For comparison, here’s what it looked like in 2011 (the post has a bunch of links to other Christmas posts, too).

Decoration photo gallery

Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move around. (If you are wondering what the sign that says “P ACE” means, it means that the “E” that would make it spell “PEACE” isn’t working.)

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5 Replies to “Warm Ears and Christmas Lights”

  1. While my warm-weather brother tends to be quite the cold-weather-weenie, his bequeathing the hat to me was a good thing. Yes, it creates a Elmer Fudd fashion statement when worn publicly, but when it’s cold outside enough to wear it, everyone else seems to be sporting something in the same level, “gee, can you blame me, it’s freezing outside!” That being said, it is warm…on the days it warrants sporting in public. But you can tell who is from out of state (read that as warmer climates) when you see one perched on a head when the temps here are only in the 40’s. Still, my ears are warm when the mercury drops to the bottom, thanks Ken.

    1. I’m not sure Santa and the snowman were tipsy. I think they were more likely just tipped over. Still, it was funny. They DID look like they had consumed too much Christmas spirit.

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