R.I.P. Jackson Skating Rink

Razing Jackson Skating Rink 11-22-2015When I photographed the building that had been the Jackson Skating Rink in 2010, it had already morphed into another use. On a drive to Marble Hill a few weeks ago, I saw that the rink was no more. (Check out the link to learn some interesting things about the history of the rink going back to the early 1950s.)

I don’t think I ever skated there, but Brothers Mark and David did.

I was confused

Razing Jackson Skating Rink 11-22-2015In fact, I posted some pictures of kids skating back in the 60s and thought they might have been taken inside the Hanover Skating Rink. Several readers said I was wrong, and some others thought it was the MaryAnn Rink. After a lot of give-and take, Fred Lynch provided proof that it must have been the Jackson rink by the process of elimination.

Follow this link to weigh in (it also lists a bunch of other skating-related posts).

Floor no more

Razing Jackson Skating Rink 11-22-2015

All of us who grew up hearing our wooden wheels click across wooden floors like this one find modern rinks strangely silent.

You have to wonder how many beginner bottoms bounced off those boards.

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  1. Have never been to the Hanover Skating Rink,but was at the MaryAnn Rink every week! Also the Rialto Theatre ! Now none of them exist! I think growing up in the 50’s was great ! 🙂

  2. Roller skating was a skill I never picked up…I just could not figure out how to get my ankles to move sideways to motivate myself forward, I guess. But I did get to the Mary Ann and the other one behind Central High in Cape a couple of times. Usually in a pack of teenage boys looking for the opposite sex. I have have watched people go round and round for hours, and really was not be tempted join them. Even when the organ music increased it volume to the 11 and they yelled “EVERYBODY SKATE”. To me, sitting or standing on my own two feet, without wheels on each one, did seem much preferable.

  3. I used to skate a lot at Hanover, Mary Ann and Jackabout son.
    the Hanover rink only had the clampons style to rent,so if you didn’t have your own shoe skates you had to rent theirs.
    I fortunately had my own so I did,nt have to worry worry
    about my shoe soles being damaged by their skates.
    The Mary Ann rink had the best floor. It was a hard surface with tile and very smooth.

  4. The last time I skated was Sep. 20 1966. Thinking I was cool I didn’t wear any socks,forgetting I was going to San Antonio for basic training the next day. Marching with blisters on my heels was pure hell. At 18 I didn’t think ahead too much. The Bicknell roller rink is still going strong.

  5. My family and I just moved to Jackson two years ago. I am so fascinated by the history! Can you tell me where the skating rink used to be?

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