Masters Drive Mystery House

I don’t know where this house came from. I don’t know where it ended up. I don’t know exactly when it was taken.

The street sign shows that it’s on Masters Drive. The intersection behind it is Randol Ave. I know from delivering papers in that neighbor hood that there are some serious hills there.

Guys on top looking for obstructions

I imagine the two workers on top were looking for obstructions like power lines and tree limbs.

I’ve tried to locate the house with Google Earth, but was never confident that I had found it.

Lots of lookers

Like most projects, there are more lookers and thinkers than doers.

OK, who was supposed to read the signs?

I guess I shouldn’t make fun of guys standing around. There’s a whole gaggle of workers here trying to figure out which Steinhoff, Kirkwood & Joiner employee was supposed to watch out for load limit signs.

House arrives at foundation

Unfortunately, I don’t know where it landed. Does anybody know the story?

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  1. Oh, Ken, I have no idea about the answer to your question, but this is darkly hilarious!!! My friend J.D. points out that “back in the day” people didn’t tear houses down – they moved them! I have to wonder if that particular house was worth the moving…
    As for the bridge picture (horrors!), it reminds me of a chilling photo on a larger scale that James Baughn has in the archives of his “Pavement Ends” blog on the Southeast Missourian site. For readers who are interested in old bridges, that blog is the “go to” site.

  2. I lived on Marvin St. behind that house on Masters. It is the 3rd up from the bottom of the hill to the west. When they built the grocery store between Kingsway and the highway (down from Janet St.), sometime in the mid 1960’s, they moved the house from what became the parking lot of the grocery (seems like it was Food Giant back then) I remember playing on the dirt pile from the digging of the basement along with my neighbors Steve Probst and David Shetley. It is the only actual 2 story house in the neighborhood (there are a couple of split levels on Masters), and would probably be in the 2600 block on the south side of the street.

    1. That would be the Food Giant. It’s still in operation and does a booming business. I stopped in there several times when I was home last time.

      I’m surprised none of the Big Box stores have put something on that end of town.

  3. I might be mistaken, but this house looks a lot like my Grandparents’ house which was on Kingshighway and where the grocery store was built. The house had a front entry porch which obviously had to be taken off in order to move the house. My Mother, Elsie James Pettigrew’s parents,lived there.

    1. Looks like I’m going to have to drive by there when I go back to town in the spring to see what it looks like today.

      I’ll take along some copies of the photos of the move. I bet the folks who live there today have no idea about the history of the house.

      1. I just saw this post about the house at 2535 Masters Dr. I own this house. My mother bought it in 1970 and has been in the family since. It is now bricked and has a front porch on it. James Eaker, who just passed away last month at 100 years old, moved the house from where Food Giant sits to it’s present location. Wish I knew the year it was originally built.

  4. Ken the house is at 2535 Masters. It has been bricked, carport added and a porch that stretches 3/4 across the front of the house. Really is a nice house now. I live in the brick house on the right in the third picture where they are turning down Masters. Let me know how to email you and I will email you some pictures.

  5. If that is the house David Pettigrew grandparents lived in that would make him my 2nd cousin and his mother my first cousin. Lee James was my uncle. Dick Ware, another cousin and my brother Charlie used to play Canasta with Uncle Lee when we were very young at the house. We had a real good time from what I remember.

    1. Jesse,

      I believe we are cousins. I remember Dick Ware. Joe James’ family were related as well. Was Frank James a part of your family tree?

  6. Frank James was also my Uncle. My father was Charles James a brother to Frank, Lee, Jesse, Mattie Dee and Blanche. Joe David was my 1st cousin; Joe Jr. and Johnny were 2nd cousins. Do you have any family history of your Great Grandfather, David James? My email is

  7. This was my mother’s house and it is at 2535 Masters Drive. I grew up in the house. The house was built around 1924, and was moved to the present location around 1960’s. It is brick now, with carport. All the original woodwork still exists, unpainted and varnished. Beautiful hardwood floors as well. The house didn’t fit snugly on the poured basement and always leaked. When the house was being remodeled, an old large pickle jar was found inside a wall. Plaster ceilings still exist. A fireplace was added in the ’70’s, along with built in bookshelves and window boxes in the upstairs dormer windows. The house was haunted (no kidding)and when I would come home and visit my mother, I refused to sleep upstairs, as that was where most of the activity took place. Despite that, I loved the house, and it remains in my family to this day.

  8. Oh gosh, I could give you a litany of things that have happened…apparitions, loud crashes, poltergeist activity, objects being moved, shadows, voices, you name it. The apparitions were of an old man, and a teenage girl.

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