St. Francis Hospital Growth 1976-2011

There are photos of Brother David’s wedding in this sleeve, so I assume this aerial of St. Francis Hospital was taken in the fall of 1976. Mount Auburn Road is on the left. The paved road at the bottom is William St. or Route K. The road running left to right across the top of the frame is Independence.

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St. Francis Hospital today

The hospital has been expanded so many times you have to look closely to see the original building. This aerial was taken April 17, 2011.

Mount Auburn Road runs left to right across the bottom of the picture. The road on the far right is William / Route K. The road directly to the right of the hospital is Gordonville Rd. It was under construction in the 1976 photo. Silver Springs Rd., with a roundabout at Gordonville Rd. runs left to right at the top.

Hospital, Doctors Park and Westpark Mall

Pull back a little more, you can see how much has been built at that intersection.

St. Francis is at the top left. The Y-shaped building is Westpark Mall. It did to the Town Plaza, what the Town Plaza did to the downtown merchants. The complex at the bottom right is Doctors Park.

Older stories about St. Francis Hospital

Last baby born in old hospital



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  1. The photos not only illustrate St. Francis’ growth, but Cape’s shift from a commercial-industrial base to a quasi-governmental service center dominated by the the three Ss, SEMO, Southeast and St. Francis – none of whom pay property taxes. With the shift has come a decrease in investment locally as dollars paid to health care providers often end up in projects far from the area.

  2. This is really a change since my 3 girls were born in the original St. Francis on Goodhope in 1950, 52, and 57! I , and 3 brothers and a sister were all born at home at 1209 south Benton St., with Dr, Ashly being the attending physician.
    Joe Whitright “45”

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