Another Mystery Football Game

High School Football mid-1960sThis undated sleeve had a mixture of football, baseball and youth league baseball in it, sorta like I swept the floor and put all the scraps in it. The only clue I have is that one of the photos shows the Jackson High School band.

The vague outlines of buildings in the background could place it at Jackson High School’s stadium, but it also has glimmers of Houck Stadium.

You’re on your own on this one.

Football photo gallery

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4 Replies to “Another Mystery Football Game”

  1. The uniforms remind me of Jackson (light) and Perryville or Charleston (dark) The guys are well muscled. Was it a SEMO game with a guest band?

  2. I think you might have captured an image worth millions. Image 12 of 16 might be an accidental sighting of SON OF SASQUATCH, he has 4 arms and three legs, no wonder they made him a receiver.

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