Happy Independence Day

Flags flying on Veterans Day at North County Park 11-11-2011I cheated a little. I took this photo at North County Park on Veterans Day 2011. It’s appropriate for the 4th of July, though. Have a safe and thoughtful Independence Day.

Don’t forget

Flags flying on Veterans Day at North County Park 11-11-2011Take a moment out from grilling and shooting fireworks to think of the men and women who are out there making this celebration possible. You can click on the photos to make them larger.

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    1. Thank you, M’am.

      North County Park is on the other side of the road from the Memorial Tower where I shot you and Bill Hopkins. On patriotic holidays, the park roadways are lined with American flags donated by families of servicemen. The first burial flag turned in as part of the display honored Robert L. Taylor Jr., who was killed in the Vietnam War.

      Knowing that makes the Parade of Flags more than just pretty. Some of the older flags are getting a bit tattered, but that makes then even more special.

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