N’Orleans becomes O’Ferrell’s

Katy O'Ferrell's 04-02-2014One of the first things I spotted on the way down Broadway was the name change on The Royal N’Orleans – Creole Steakhouse Est. 1954. The old name was still on the entrance canopy, but the two signs facing Broadway now read Katy O’Ferrell’s Publick House.

Dr. Lily Santoro, Chris Kinder and I tried to stop there for lunch after the Techniques in Local History class last week, but it was closed.

A March 17, 2014, Missourian story said Mark Dirnberger, the owner, got his start working at the Burger King on Broadway when he was 16. He also owns Bella Italia. I’ll catch Katy’s when it’s open and report back to you.

The Royal N’Orleans closed in 2009. I have to admit that I was concerned when it was still dark in 2011. I hope Dirnberger can make a go of it.

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  1. The canopy is a recent addition and the restaurant was never advertised as a creole steakhouse, as far as I can remember. Also, the
    date seems to vary depending on which of the Missourian articles one reads. I wish the present owners much success, as I am glad to see the building occupied.

  2. In answer to Judy Davis,
    It was 1954 as Andy and I ate there with his parents and a group of goose hunters in early December of that
    year and the N’Orleans had just opened.
    Hard to forget the year and the month as that Christmas Andy and I were married.

  3. Sure hope the new O’Ferrell’s succeeds. Cape needs more vital businesses downtown, fewer franchises. Here’s to those who are keeping Cape’s downtown growing!

  4. Sweet memories of that old opera house building on
    Broadway…I remember it best as Hill’s Eat Shop where
    I was a sixteen-year-old waitress in 1946. For more,
    see Chapter 19, “My Waitressing Days” in my memoirs,
    “Around the Town of Cape Girardeau in Eighty Years”.
    (Available at Amazon.com)

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