“New” Franklin School

Franklin School 10-10-2014I decided it was time to take a closer look at the front of the “new” Franklin Elementary School. It faces south toward Themis, rather than east toward Louisiana.

The “School with No Name”

Franklin School front steps 03-16-2010Franklin School opened its doors in 1927, but it did it without a name on the front of the school. It was the only school in the district with no outward identification.

It wasn’t until 1971 that the 8-inch-high white plastic letters were placed above the door. Money for the sign was raised by the Student Council, which sold school supplies and held a used book sale.

This photo of the now-demolished old Franklin was taken in 2010.

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    1. May 1st of each year at Franklin selected girls were chosen to dance the Maypole around the flag pole. Streamers the color of whatever pastel colored dress we were wearing were placed on the pole as our streamer. We danced to the tune “Country Gardens.” It has been years but I still remember the dance today. I fondly remember my 8 years at Franklin with Miss Willer being my first grade teacher. Some of my other teachers at Franklin were: Miss Stein, Miss Reed, Mrs. Terry, Mrs. Cracraft and Miss Flentge our music teacher. I remember our band and orchestra director as Mr. Neil Stein I believe was his name. He was neat and dressed in a suit and stood very tall and erect. I know I had other teachers but, I don’t remember their names. Miss Nellie Krueger was our school principal and then I had Miss Clara Krueger for my Latin Teacher at Central High!!! I am proud to have grown up in Cape Girardeau and have Cape as my hometown!!!

  1. I remember the may pole dance and was priviledged to take part (I had my streamer to match my dress!) The streamers in assorted pastel colors hung high on the pole in front of the school. May 1st was “May Day” and that is when we danced around the pole holding our assigned streamer to the tune of “Country Gardens”. The best I can remember we started off using our right foot going: heal and toe and step close step twice with changing to the left foot and doing the same. We some how weaved in and out holding our streamers making a beautiful lattice design of pastel colors when the dance was over! It was a beautiful dance and as I remember it was great to be included.

  2. I went to kindergarten at the old Franklin school, That looked and felt like a school! the “New Franklin,” looks to. institutional to me!

  3. I; too, am happy that the new Franklin Elementary School has retained some characteristics of the “old” Franklin. I loved going to Franklin.

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