Dome Darkening Nicely

Academic Hall dome 10-110-2014

Academic Hall’s dome has lost the copper shine it had when I photographed it in March of 2013.

March 2013 with shiny copper

Academic Hall dome 03-02-2013

I wonder how long it’ll take to get the nice, green patina the old dome had? Here are some earlier stories about Academic Hall.


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  1. Just talked to Dr. James Dufek today. He said that the dome has a Plexiglas addition that makes the inside visible. It was added during the renovation. I hope to see it soon. Have you seen it yet?

  2. Sometime in the late seventies or early eighties, the dome had repair/renovation work done. When that project was complete, the new pieces were hastened to the green patina in a chemical process. Architect Thomas Phillips was involved in the process.

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