Jefferson School = Gone

Site of Jefferson School after demolitionYou’d never know that Jefferson School, built in 1904, ever existed if you drive by Jefferson and Ellis Streets today. The building was razed at the end of 2012 after it was determined that it was structurally unsound.

Tree, stump and stairs remain

Jefferson School North side 03-28-2010The tree on the left of the sidewalk, the stump on the right and the sidewalk are about all that remain of the school, pictured here March 28, 2010.

Overall view looking south

Site of Jefferson School after demolitionThe piles of dirt in the background were hauled in to fill in the building’s basement. A worker at the site said they brought in more than was needed, so it will be removed. The area will be seeded soon.

Looking west toward Ellis Street

Site of Jefferson School after demolitionThis is looking west toward Ellis Street. An Erin Ragan story in The Missourian Dec. 28, 2012, reported that some of the brick and limestone from the school will be incorporated into a building for Prodigy Leadership Academy.

Earlier Jefferson School stories

Site of Jefferson School after demolitionThis photo was taken looking east down Jefferson Street. Here are earlier stories about the school and its prospects for survival:


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  1. It is amazing to me that the school looks so small, the same thing with the Washington school pictures- and yet my childhood memory was that they were SO BIG!
    I remember my fried Susie Jones lived next door !

  2. I did not go to either Jefferson or Washinton schools, I remember as ka kid my dad told about when he attended both. When we would be out ridding around, we would go by the two schools. I thought they were skyscrapers until the end of second grade. Alma Schrader I thought was a mile long and smile wide. Now Alma Schrader looks to small to be a Schrader. Perception I guess.

  3. Here is an early photo of Jefferson School. The blog includes some history of the school and attempts to replace it with a new building.

    From 1918:
    Jefferson School is completely worn out. It is not fit for a chicken house and still the children are crowded into it. It is a crime against those children to restrain them in such an unsanitary and unsafe building and before long this condition must be corrected.

  4. The old Jefferson School picture looks exactly like
    my old school back in the 50’s &0’s. We were the
    Hilltoppers OF BRUCEVILLE HS.INDIANA. I’m thinking
    a lot of the schools had the same specs when they were built back in the day.
    I remember walking through halls with a brand new set of heelcapss on. POP `POP POP Sitting in class waiting for jerry Wilkey(KING OF THE HEELCAPS)to come walking through the halls disrupting all the classes.Jerry just took the butt chewing like a man
    +He could sure make those caps sing>Those were days!

    getting his butt chewed out but just smiling. Anyone still wear steelcaps?

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