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5x7 Vandevens 2-4-67 8I can tell when the term is ending at Southeast Missouri State University. That’s when I start getting requests for information and photos about Cape landmarks and businesses.

In 2013, I compiled a list of Links about Main Street businesses for Katy Beebe’s Historic Preservation class. It would be nice if I could submit my work for extra credit to bring up my grade point average from 1965 – 1967.

Gallery of requests

Here are some of the photos students have requested this time around. The student was planning to print the pictures on 5 x 7 paper, but the images didn’t always scale out to that proportion. To keep from cropping the images, I sent them to the printer with white space around them to make them fit the format.

Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the gallery.

4 Replies to “Helping With Homework”

  1. I remember seeing Mr Vandeven at the store but I think in the next photo the man behind the meat counter could be Eddie Mayhew. Later I remember him working at Ward’s Big Star behind the meat counter. He was the father of my classmate, Jim Mayhew. Both were very friendly but unfortunately deceased now.

  2. Going to the Main Street link, I remember Buckner-Ragsdale well. They had quality merchandise and as I remember, the only store in town at that time where you could buy genuine Levi’s with the red tab and real leather Levi patch. Of course, Mom always being frugal, bought my blue jeans from Penney’s because they were a dollar cheaper. Can you conceive of that deprivation in today’s world! Penney’s also had the wire and money cannisters that sent payments to a 2nd floor cashier–facinating operation to a young lad.

  3. I worked at Wards Big star when Eddie Mayhew was working there. I got to know his whole family and thought the world of them. Never forget I was taking a break and he ask me if I ever thought of being a meat cutter. Said it was a good job and you could walk out of one store and go to work in another one. Said he had some books in the desk draw if I was interested,. I went to get the books and they were all books of nude girls. Another time he ask me to call his wife and tell her he was running late. I ask his phone number and after dialing it, I ended up getting a prayer line.

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