Weighty Thoughts at Arena Park

Arena Park 06-24-1967I don’t know who these guys are, what they are doing or even what the thing they’re staring at is. I DO know that the negative sleeve said June 24, 1967, but I didn’t find it in The Missourian around that date.

I see one of the trains in the background, and that makes me pretty sure it’s Arena Park, not Capaha Park. (If you click on the photo to make it larger, you can see the train off on the left.)

It’s not a swing

Arena Park 06-24-1967I thought the thing might be a swing, but the seat is fixed. If it’s a bench, it sure has a lot of structure supporting it. There aren’t enough horizontal pieces for it to be a jungle gym.

Maybe that’s why the guys all have a perplexed look.

“Who ordered this thing?” I can see the blame game shaping up.

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  1. looks like the lower level at Capaha. Train looks like it is on elevated ground. Also it looks like circle drive

  2. I Kinda remember this…. I remember it had circus animals around, It looked like a like a big circus cage, mmmm I think.
    Help me out with this one Cape peeps.it sat closer to Broadway side?

  3. Second from left is Virgil Churnside. He worked at Missouri Utilities Co and eventually replaced my dad as a VP. Probably some type of service club project at the park.

  4. I also remember this contraption, but am blanking on which park. The picture made me think Capaha, although I don’t remember a playground at that particular angle from the train at either Capaha or Arena park (unless it was later moved?). It was like a circus-themed train car kind of thing.

  5. It is most definitely Capaha Park. Note the circular drive in the background between the locomotive (a train consists of at least one locomotive and possibly other cars behind), and the object in the picture. The object in question was part of a playground area that had a circus theme. The object was a type of jungle gym that was made to look like a circus wagon.

  6. It’s definitely Capaha. I remember this. It was a monkey bar that looked like a circus wagon. It was located in the “tot lot” playground.

  7. Since this was labeled June 24 I think these guys were trying to decide what to get me for my birthday…..bwahahaha

  8. I remember playing on this as a child in the mid-1980’s. It was kind of like a stage coach, or that’s what I thought at the time. Randomly, they also had a stage coach inside the McDonald’s on Broadway which it reminded me of.

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