Founder of Cape’s McDonald’s Killed in Crash

1967 Achievement - Cape Ricardos 47I shot this photo as a candidate for The Missourian’s annual Achievement Edition because it looked like Ricardo’s Italian Swiss Chalet Ristorante on Broadway had been spiffed up. My newspaper buddies are going to say I buried the lead, so stick in there until the very end for a surprising twist.

Not as spiffy in 2009

700 Block of BroadwayI was scrolling through some of the other pictures I’ve taken walking up and down Broadway more recently and spotted this 2009 picture that makes the building look a little rough. I can’t tell what has gone into what used to be Sisco’s Professional Barber Salon on the left. There are some beer signs in the window, so it may have been joined with the former Ricardo’s.

Tattoos replace optometrists

700 Block of Broadway 10-28-2009Optometrists Joe L. Mosley and James A. Drace have been replaced by a tattoo parlor.

Owner of landmark business dies in crash

Pfisters outdoorsWhen I did a search for “Ricardo’s” I couldn’t believe the story that showed up in the March 7, 2003, Missourian:Crash kills founder of Cape McDonald’s.”

As 13 of the fast-food restaurants around Southeast Missouri continue to fly their flags at half-staff, authorities are pointing to bad weather as a contributing factor in the Wednesday night airplane crash that took the life of Jerry Davis, the man who brought McDonald’s to Cape Girardeau 35 years ago.

The McDonald’s connection would have been enough to make him an important figure in Cape’s dining scene, but a detail at the bottom of Scott Moyer’s story was astounding:  In the past, Davis has also owned Royal N’Orleans and three eating establishments that have since closed: Ricardo’s, Shakey’s Pizza and Pfisters Drive-In.

Except for Wimpy’s, Mr. Davis had a corner on Cape Girardeau’s version of American Graffiti.

6 Replies to “Founder of Cape’s McDonald’s Killed in Crash”

  1. I had forgotten that was there, until I just saw that picture. And then it’s like a flashback to your childhood. I’ve never been in the building when it was Ricardo’s, but it’s just nostalgic seeing old buildings from Old Cape. THANKS!!

  2. Under the direction of Jerry Davis and an old Boy Scout Troop 8 buddy, Lynn Petzoldt, the McDonald’s in Cape formed in my young mind a formula for excellence. I worked there as a night manager for one and a half years. Everything was done by the book, following Ray Kroc’s formulas for success. Customer focus was at the top, with quality of product right there as well. My assessment of every McDonald’s, every other eating establishment, and businesses in general is based on everything I learned at the direction of Jerry and Lynn. Their guidance has served me well in my 30 year career with Toyota Motor Company.

  3. I remember the old Blue Note…It was a NIGHT CLUB and as such I did go…I knew about it but never went inside at night. The did have lunches and did have a lunch or too in the the place. I did not know Jerry Davis owned the place!

  4. Sisco was the barber that My brothers Luther, Bill and I went to. I think older brother Frank had already left home by the time Sisco started

  5. Bill Sisco has cut my hair since 1975. His shop moved from the Broadway location to the corner of Independence and Broadway back in the 90’s…

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