Cement Plant from SEMO

Cement Plant from North Henderson 10-10-2014

I wanted to get an updated photo of the dome of Academic Hall to contrast with the shiny copper dome I took in the spring of 2013. On my way down North Henderson on a drizzly afternoon, the cement plant popped up above the horizon.

As you can see, the trees around here are just starting to turn. I was afraid all the dry weather would cause the leaves to turn brown and fall off before we saw the neat colors.

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  1. This view gives the impression that you are on the edge of the city. Who would believe the number of streets and homes between the camera and the cement plant? Nice pic.

  2. No matter what pictures you post of Cape Girardeau, they are all beautiful to me and I truly enjoy looking at them!! I miss Cape so much, so these photos you post can take me “Back Home” for a little while. I have seen this view before when I still lived in the city, but as most of the people in Cape do, they look and never give it a second glance. I admit I have done the same 🙁 but looking at all of the photos you post of the city, now I take my time looking at them and, sigh, missing Cape so much. Thank you for all the wonderful photos and stories. Please don’t stop posting these great pics of my HOMETOWN – CAPE GIRARDEAU MISSOURI. 🙂

  3. Looking at this tranquil scene it is hard to believe that 9 to 10 blocks due south on Henderson one is entering a high crime area where gunfire and shootings are becoming more and more common. Sad.

  4. I always thought the Cement plant was miles and miles away from down town…I had to look at Google earth to see where really is…and was surprised!

  5. Fantastic view. Driving from Advance to Cape, the first sign we were getting close was coming by the cement plant. Never did I think it part of the city.
    Live and learn is what I’m finding and you are a one man educator.

  6. It’s too bad we can’t still drive by the cement plant. It appears the sink hole is not going to let us have the street back. We always liked to ride motorcycles on the old property in the sixties before it all got fenced in.

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