Moon Over Mississippi River

Cops say “You can’t outrun Motorola.” I learned this evening in the ’60s that you can’t outrun the moon, either.

I don’t know exactly where I was when I spotted the full moon coming up over the horizon, but I knew I wanted to get the golden orb pulling itself out of the muck of the Mississippi River. I flogged all the horses under the hood of my ’59 Buick, but the moon kept getting higher and higher and smaller and smaller.

I shot this from Cape Rock. I hope I didn’t interrupt anybody or anything when I went skidding in squealing tires and throwing up a cloud of dust. I was disappointed enough with the result that I didn’t bother to print it.

I have a moon fixation

It surprised me when I did a quick search for moon stories in my two blogs. There’s a batch of them.

6 Replies to “Moon Over Mississippi River”

  1. I can not believe I went a whole day with moon shots without making a snide remark or at least something. I guess the meds are working.
    BTW: I like both your shots of the river and moon, old and new.

  2. There were some “moon shots” on Broadway in the 60’s that, thankfully, did not get photographed for posterity. I guess it would have been rather difficult to focus on that moving car with the “moon” in the window. 🙂

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