Full Moon Over Palm Beach

I debated whether or not to post an excuse like “my dog ate my latest Cape story” or to just skip a day, but I decided to fess up. I played hooky.

It was a perfect full moon night in South Florida. My riding partner, Osa, had just gotten back from six weeks in Sweden visiting family and I had been neglecting my bike blog. It was past time to pull the bike out of the shed. We made it over to Palm Beach just in time to see a family admiring the sun setting over West Palm Beach.

The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach

After watching the moon come up over the Palm Beach Inlet, we headed south with a stop at The Breakers Hotel.

How to shoot photos under low light

You can find more photos and some hints on how to shoot photos under low light on my PalmBeachBikeT0urs site.

We’ll get back to Cape stuff, I promise. There are some interesting, never-before-seen photos coming.

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  1. Ken,
    It may not be “exactly Cape” but I feel a tiny connection to your Palm Beach pictures.
    In 1984, my maternal grandmother, her sisters and my great-grandfather moved to Palm Beach Gardens, so in a roundabout way your south Florida photos remind me of family.
    It’s all good….

  2. Ken,

    Beautiful pictures today!

    I look forward to reading and viewing your posts on the Cape Girardeau History and Photos site. I appreciate your work and have shared the site with those on my facebook as well as my sister (class or 68).

    I wanted to email you about a story written in the Missourian years ago. I was told the title was something like, “One Oldtimer to Another”. It was a story about a man and his 35 year old horse. I think his last name was Froemsdorf. Not sure if you can get the story, but it might be an interesting piece of history. I met this man when I was in HS, (class of 74) on one of my country cruising adventures. The road narrowed to just a firetrail and the only way out was to go to the end of the road and turn around. There I met Mr. Froemsdorf and his old horse. At first I was scared but wound up being entertained by both and was left with a memory that has stuck for over 35 years.

    I talked with a young relative of Froeomsdorf’s who told me about the story. I told him, I would contact you to see if you could find anything more about the story or other pictures that might not have been published. Let me know if you have any success.

    Thank you again for such a treat with my coffee each morning.

    Best to you, Mindy

    1. Mindy,
      Thanks for the kind words.

      I did a quick search of the Google News Archive for the story you mentioned, but struck out.

      I’ll keep my eye out for it when I’m looking for other stories.

      Your experience sounds kind of like one I had riding my bike out near Pocahontas.

      I started down a hill and spotted a guy who looked like he could have stepped right out of a Civil War tintype. I was a bit uncomfortable because it looked like he was holding a rifle. It turned out to be a tool he was using to fix the fence, but it still gave me a moment of unease in that first flash.

  3. 1867-1992 Roll Call of Confirmation Classes, 125th Anniversary Trinity Lutheran Church of Egypt Mills, October 4, 1992

    August Fremsdorf b 9 Sep 1851
    Friedrich Fremsdorf b 9 May 1852
    Johann Froemsdorf b 21 Nov 1857
    Heinrich Philipp Froemsdorf b 19 Jan 1865
    Louise Joh. Froemsdorf b 16 Jun 1867
    Johann Heinrich Froemsdorf 23 Aug 1879
    Emilie Froemsdorf 21 Aug 1882,
    Laura Froemsdorf 26 Oct 1885
    Emma Froemsdorf b 5 Sep 1886
    Gottlieb Froemsdorf b 7 Jun 1890
    Rosa Lina Froemsdorf b 13 Nov 1892
    Amanda Johanna Froemsdorf b 2 Sep 1894
    Wilson Wm. Charles Froemsdorf b 22 Mar 1900
    Rudolf Friedrich Froemsdorf b 9 Aug 1903
    Amelia Nannie Froemsdorf b 16 Nov 1905 in Trinity Lutheran Church of Egypt Mills

    1. Bob, Thank you so much for posting this roll call from Egypt Mills. I have worked on my dad’s (Froemsdorf) family history on and off for years and some of these people actually belong in our family. Thanks again!

  4. We had a full moon here on the West coast of Florida too!
    I wonder if it the SAME moon as you have way over there!

    I will have to drive over there and check out your moon some day.

    I stayed at the Breaker’s years a ago and seeing that place brought back a memory or two…I guess most of the damage is repaired by now…Hey I was just standing there when a car came into the lobby, nice blue Bentley, as I recall. The only problem was it was NOT a drive in Lobby!
    Nice place to stay in West Palm, it you like THAT kind of “stuffiness”, me I would stay at Ken’s house and spend my money of Beer and wine….

    1. That’s one of the reasons I have an unlisted address and the name Snodgrass on the mailbox.

      When we moved TO FL, we had people visit us who had never even bothered to call us collect when we were in Gastonia, NC.

  5. The moon was great in Chicago, too. Did you by any chance see Jupiter close to the moon? (I’m not surprised if it didn’t show up in the photo.)

  6. Ken, I don’t believe it matters what subject you write about; we all admire your work and are anxious to read your daily blog. Recently I caught a SEMO sunset with a storm approaching, and I will try to send it to you.

    1. If that’s the case, you might want to sign up for email notifications when I update my bike blog.

      I’ve been neglecting it of late while doing the Cape stories, so you won’t get a lot of mail from it.

      There are some stories that are of more interest to gearheads than non-cyclists, but they’re offset by my ramblings about rides and the people I encounter on the road. I have a problem staying on topic, as you may have detected.

  7. OK, we are having the SAME full moon (Terry) here in Scottsdale! Just sos ya knows, this is the ‘harvest moon’ which means that it’s the full moon close to the fall equinox. Around September 21 the full moon rises earlier than any other time of the year due to the ecliptic (earth’s orbit around the sun). So the farmers in the northern hemisphere get to work past sunset to harvest their crops. Why do I bother with info like this? I am not even retired yet! What will I do with my time when I am retired? Somebody stop me.

  8. What a magnificent photo! I’m crazy about full moons and saw it in our California sky last night. It was a great show.

    I’ve been wanting to tell you how much I enjoy your photos and reading about Cape everyday. I chuckle at your strange and slightly off beat kind a humor. Thanks for making my day, everyday, and for doing what you do so well.

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