Where’s Shivelbines’ Sign?

Two Broadway locations appeared on my radar screen this morning: a Facebook post that asked what had happened to Shivelbines’ sign and a Missourian story that said a landmark building containing a huge Lutheran Church mural was going to be torn down. I ran into an interesting guy while tracking down the second lead, so I’m going to hold it for a day or so until I can do it justice.

When I first read the Shivelbines’ question, I thought the person might have been referring to the mural on the west side of the building. THAT would be unusual to lose two murals in the same block at nearly the same time.

Blue Mural the one in danger

The blue mural down the block past Bob’s Shoe Service is the one that is likely to be torn down. Notice anything missing on the front of Shivelbines?

Night photo of Shivelbines

This photo taken at night with the light trails of passing cars in it may help you pick out the missing sign.

Now you see it

The night photos were taken on Oct. 23, 2009, the same evening I shot a contemporary version of Central High School’s 1965 Alma Mater picture, a time exposure of Southeast Hospital and the Wimpy’s intersection.

Now you don’t

The different-colored brick right above the 535 address is where the sign had been.

Not to worry, though. It’s coming back.

There was a note on the Shivelbine’s Facebook page that said, “We’ve had some people asking about our sign. It was damaged during a storm in the spring and is now being repaired! We’re hoping to see it up again soon!”

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  1. The building at 535 Broadway, now Shivelbine’s, was originally the Excelsior Furniture Company store, owned by Mr. Carl Bauerle. I have not seen any photos of the building as it was back in the 50’s before Shivelbines. My father worked there until just before I was born but had not taken any pictures of the building. My brother Karl, was named after Mr. Bauerle and got his middle name from Leland “Freck” Shivelbine, both friends of our parents.

  2. Hello from Shivelbine’s Music! Good news for our sign, it might go back up today, 11/16 if not too windy. The sign has been completely rebuilt. All new display panels, electical and rotation motor. It will have a new look as well. My brothers, Mike and Greg, as well as my cousin..Bill could not believe the attention having the sign down has brought from the community. The original sign went up in 1969,when we bought/moved in this building. Magnavox paid for 50% of the sign cost.
    Thanks to all for supporting our music store since 1949…
    Best Regards,
    The Shivelbines

  3. I am happy to say that we get out sign back with a new look and revolving again!! Weather permitting, they are looking at putting it back this afternoon. We had no idea the number of people that would comment on our sign coming down. We are very very fortunate to have the wonderful customer base we have.

  4. Many, many years ago, when Shivelbine’s was on the north side of broadway and about a block west of present location, and Bill still living; I phoned the business with a question. Either Bill or “Freck” answered and I asked, “which one is this?”
    The answer was, “the handsome one!”
    I correctly guessed and replied, “oh, hi ‘Freck’!”
    My wife and I have a house full of TVs and other electronic entertainment items all from Shivelbines.

  5. When the music store was at 628/630 Broadway our sign had “cartoon type” character playing a saxophone. Great memory Darla!! Our renewed/new look sign just went up about 1 hour ago…it will be nice to have it turning again!!

  6. The new sign looks great! Shivelbine’s has always been a special place for me. When I was 13 years old, my dad and I went in to look for a bass guitar amplifier. I found a used one that would do the trick, made a small down payment, and Bill Sr. set me up with my very own credit account and let me take it home. I paid it off within the agreed 90 days with money I made from playing music. I bought lots more gear over the next several years.
    I worked there in 1975 delivering pianos. Bill and Freck were great to work for, except I wished I was delivering potato chips instead of pianos.

  7. I remember watching parades from the roof of the old Shivelbine’s on the north side of Broadway.

    As Ken says in his next blog entry, it’s encouraging to see a Cape business institution invest in its traditional location on Broadway.

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