72 Minutes in Cape Girardeau

Street Scenes 03-28-2015It’s amazing how many random things you can encounter in 72 minutes in Cape Girardeau.

And, I didn’t even have to get out of the car to shoot them. (Which explains why they aren’t all that sharp.)

About a block from Wife Lila’s sister Marty’s house on Themis, I spotted three pairs of shoes swinging from utility wires. Now, you can see shoes tacked to a utility POLE in Perkins or onto a tree at Murray State, but running into a three-fer of pairs hanging in the air is pretty unusual.

63 minutes later

Street Scenes 03-28-2015I’m not sure where we went after the shoe shot – maybe Annie Laurie’s Antique Shop – but, just as I was pulling into a parking spot to walk down to the river, I spied this photo shoot going on. It looked like Mom and three girls being photographed for Easter.

I thought it might be a commercial shoot, and I don’t like to interfere with those, so I popped off two frames and walked down to the river. I love the woman trying to coax a reaction from the girls. Click on it to make it larger.

What is this guy’s message?

Street Scenes 03-28-2015Nine minutes after leaving Water Street, I found myself tucked in behind this guy. When we were stopped by the red light at Broadway and Sprigg, I got close enough to read the signs (even though one says, “Private Signs Do Not Read).

I wasn’t sure if he meant that or not, so I waited until the light turned green before raising the camera to take this picture. Even though I can read the words, I’m not sure I can deduce the meanings.


8 Replies to “72 Minutes in Cape Girardeau”

  1. Shoes, Easter photo shoots and crazy signs on pickup trucks all in an hour and 12 minutes in Cape. Hot dang, you do live an exciting life. In the last one hour and 12 minutes I have been sitting at my computer…my life is empty… I think I am going outside for one hour and 12 minutes and see what happens!

    1. I could tell by the way you were working the situation that you weren’t a garden-variety amateur, so that’s why I stayed out of your way. It looked like you were getting some good expressions.

      Yeah, I probably COULD have gotten a worse picture of you if I had worked at it.

      When I’m shooting groups, I say, “I’m going to shoot several photos to make sure I have at least one where everyone’s eyes are closed. If, however, someone in the front row has spinach between their teeth, that’ll work just as well.”

    1. One of three showed up, and it’s the one I most agree with: kids do dumb things.

      My guess is that one kid threw his or her shoes up there, then his or her two buddies decided to follow.

  2. Maybe the shoes are a type of self expression. A refreshing and amusing change to the usual grafity seen around West Palm Beach. Oh how I miss living in the mid west, except for in the winter of course.

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