2017 Holiday Decorations

Yeah, I KNOW Christmas and New Year’s have passed, but if stores can stock Valentine’s Day candy and Easter bunnies before the first week of 2018 is over, then I can stretch the Happy Holidays a bit in the other direction. Main Street was spiffed up a little this year. Here’s how Main and Broadway looked from high over the city at Fort A. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

Some folks were in short sleeves

I figured I should  have the bridge in at least one shot, so here it is. I was a little chilly up on the hill, but I saw several brave souls wandering around in short sleeves.

From Common Pleas Courthouse

The color balance is a bit funky, but here’s what downtown looked like from the steps of the Common Pleas Courthouse.

Looking to the north

This was taken from the south Main Street parking lot, almost in front of Hutson’s Furniture. The building on the left would have been the old Woolworth’s building.

South from Middle Main

This was taken at the block north of Themis (see the ugly clock), looking to the south.


This is a familiar icon for anybody who bought a pair of jeans that came with a Tuf-Nut knife.

5 Replies to “2017 Holiday Decorations”

  1. Ken, I think you should put together and photo album of Christmas past and present displaying Hudson’s window. Now that would be beautiful

    1. Sandy,

      Thanks for the idea, but I only shot the window about three or four times, and didn’t spend much time on it. I’m sure someone else has done a better job of recording it.

  2. Ken, these are fantastic! But you gave away the secret spot, where you took these.()jus’ kiddin’ Gives me reason to take better ones,next year. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Lisa(from Cape rewound,Christmas window Snap-ture)

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