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  1. I learned early on that I wasn’t the best photographer in the world, so I specialized in documentary photography under low light.

    With practice, exotic films and developers, I could bring back pictures where most folks wouldn’t even try.

    That’s another way to say that I was too lazy to carry lights.

    I’ve got some beer cellar pix in the pipeline where I used multiple lights, but even that required a kludge.

  2. Fred,

    Shooting the bridge in Cape is like shooting pelicans in FL. Always a safe bet.

    When I judged photo contests, I always gave more points to sunrises than sunsets. The only way I saw a sunrise was if it was from the back side.

  3. Ken – If you’re going to visit Cape one old landmark to photo would be the restored (sort of) entrance to the bridge from the Cape side. Bet a lot of natives who have moved away have not seen it. Run the pic side by side with the “working” entrance of yore, if you have one.

  4. Larry,

    I have that and a shot of the old bridge approach from the IL side. They’ll show up eventually. I may have to declare a moratorium on bridge photos for a few days, though.

  5. I am an engineer and I never get tired of studying that bridge. All the struts and truses I had to study in engineering courses. It was a beautiful bridge. My grandfather also worked on building it.

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