Sunsets and Rainstorms on the Turnpike

Why do you never catch a red light when you want one? I had just pulled out of the Steak ‘n Shake in Ft. Pierce, Fla., getting ready to turn onto the Turnpike when I saw the setting sun lining up right under the overpass. Luckily, I had my camera where I could grab it off the center console, but it was set for time exposures from a lightning storm we had a couple nights ago. (Click to make it bigger.)

By the time I got the camera setting right, I was where I was going to have to turn left, there was traffic behind me and the bleeping light was green. Any other time, it would have been a long red. I managed to get off one frame.

Fixin’ to get a car wash

Just south of the Fort Drum service plaza, I noticed that the sky was getting dark and that there were streaks of rain right where the road was heading. A couple miles north of here, the skies really opened up.

That’s when I’m really glad I put Rain-X on the windshield before leaving home. I’ve been using that stuff for years and I made sure it was in all our hurricane go-bags. It makes it possible to see clearly without having your wipers on.

I made it to Gainesville Tuesday night. Traffic was moving smoothly and the couple of rain squalls I hit didn’t last long.

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  1. Ken, still a great shot of the sun. I have been using Rain-X since 1978 on every vehicle I drive. I sold it at Cape Toyota. I would offer to customers to put a free coat on their windshield if they weren’t sure if they wanted to buy. While they were looking at new cars, I would clean the windshield and coat the passenger side. The stark contrast between RainX and no RainX was a great sales tool. After the first rainstorm, they would be back to buy at least one bottle.

    1. You are, indeed, a dirty dog and a true salesman. Coating the passenger side was evil.

      The last time I was in Cape, I had to replace a headlight. The guy at the auto part store (I think it was Auto Zone) offered to replace it for me. While he was doing that, he noted that my plastic headlight covers were yellowed, and fogged over.

      He went in for a rag and a box of magic elixir and cleaned a spot about the size of a silver dollar.

      I left with a rag and a bottle of that polish.

      I wonder how many bottles he sells with that little two-minute demo.

  2. I will swear by Rain-x it does work. I also have been at Fort Drum rest stop a few time but never had sunset like the one you shot. Most of my florida sKeys.unsets are of Key Largo and the Keys.

  3. Your Fort Pierce picture made me feel just a tad nostalgic for Melbourne, FL. Not enough for me to hop in the car and head south, though. We’ll be leaving Tuesday for Cape and my 50th Class Reunion. Maybe we’ll run into you there.

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