Cairo’s Nap Auto Store

Old Napa Auto sign 08-10-2014Having to watch Brother David do yard work Sunday tuckered me out something awful. Then, on Monday, I had to do a quick up ‘n’ back to St. Louis, leaving me seriously nap deprived.

That’s when I remembered this store I spotted on the north end of Cairo on the way to Cape.

I should have stopped in to get a gross of those Nap Autos the sign promised. The only reason I didn’t was that I wasn’t sure how long they’d stay good. I’ll pull in to check their expiration date on my next pass through the town.

I wonder if they come in different sizes? Are they sprayed to kill nightmares? Does the nap start automatically as soon as you open the package? There are just so many questions ….

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    1. I’ve never felt threatened in Cairo, but I have to admit that when I’m on that last leg home and I’m sleepy, I usually stop for my nap in Wickliffe rather than Cairo. If they’d move that store to the other side of the Ohio River, it’d be a routine stop.

  1. I use the home version, early afternoon brand. You can make taking them easier by turning on the TV. They generally work for 30-60 minutes. You do have to be careful as they can become habit forming!

    1. Bill, I left FL in the middle of July and haven’t turned on a TV (except to tweak Mother’s antenna) since I’ve been on the road. In three weeks in motels, I never picked up a TV remote. I don’t need any sleep aids.

  2. Went motorcycle riding with my Goldwing chapter to Reelfoot Lake to eat fish. We went down on the Missouri side and used the ferry to get to Kentucky. We came back through Illinois. Some needed fuel on the way back so we stopped in Wickliffe, Kentucky. I was leading on the way back and couldn’t remember any place to get gas in Cairo. Even Schemwell’s looked deserted and needing a facelift at 3:30 in the afternoon. The 30mph limit through town gives you a long look at what was and what could be. I felt guilty not trying to help out by spending a few bucks there but couldn’t find a reason.

    1. The diner at the south end of town is pretty good (try the pie).

      Shemwell’s BBQ is still open. The barbecue is still good, but I’ve found myself ordering their catfish and sides the last couple of visits. I’ve had some fascinating conversations in there over the years. It’s the kind of place where it doesn’t feel out of place to talk with the folks at the table across from you.

      I would have recommended what used to be Mack’s BBQ, but it had a fire the day after Mother and I ate there recently. (No connection, by the way.)

      If there is a gas station, I can’t recall it.

  3. Hey Ken,
    The “Nu Diner” on the south end of town is pretty good. Plus it’s a pretty friendly place. Lois is a great waitress ! She doesn’t talk much if she doesn’t know you, but a good person… I haven’t had pie there…. Nu Diner, Shemwell’s and Subway are about it now ! There is a gas station across the street from the ” NAP ” sign and about 2 doors south of the 9-1-1 OFfice….
    So terribly sad that Cairo has lost so many of it’s beautiful buildings ! If you haven’t already, take time to go through the Customs House Museum… ! WEll worth the time… You can spend several hours there !

    1. Becky,

      Thanks for supplying the name of the Nu Diner. I thought that was it, but didn’t want to say unless I knew for sure. I’ve been in the Subway. Anne, one of my Rood Warriorettes needed to make a pit stop because we were heading into severe weather before reaching Cape, and she didn’t want it to be wet both outside AND inside the car, so it looked like the clearest place around. It was fine.

      I guess I’ve never needed to gas up in Cairo. I’m usually full leaving Cape or I gas up around Cadiz or Murray on the way west.

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