Battle of Cape Girardeau

Here’s a math problem

  • Number of trips to and from Trinity Lutheran School (six grades times 180) = 1,080
  • Number of trips to Central High School for classes (4 times 180) = 720
  • Trips to pick up Future Wife Lila after work at the Rialto = 50
  • Cruising Broadway to the River and back = 300
  • Coming and going to The Missourian (4 years times 300) = 1,200
  • Grand total number of times I passed the intersection of Broadway and Cordelia = a gazillion
  • Number of times I saw this historical marker at that intersection = once, about a week ago.

This is what it says

The Battle of Cape Girardeau

This homestead was the center, Bloomfield Road the left flank, and Perryville Road the right flank, of the Union forces commanded by Brig. Gen. John H. McNeil. A sharp, bloody attack by Confederates led by Gen. Joe Shelby from the command of Gen. John S. Marmaduke was repulsed on April 26, 1863. This engagement came to be known as The Battle of Cape Girardeau.

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