Last Gasp of Fall Color

Tree off Warner Ave Scott City 11-08-2013This fall wasn’t as colorful as last year. In fact, it felt like it came and went in about two days. Here’s a small collection of photos I did manage to grab. Most will have just an overline telling you approximately where the picture was taken.

The first shot was taken off the new Warren Avenue extension over Ramsey creek in Scott City. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

Old Lorimier Cemetery

Old Lorimier Cemetery 11-01-2013

Gordonville cornfield Cornfield next to Gordonville cemetery 10-30-2013

Old McKendree Chapel

Trees at Old McKendree Chapel 11-03-2013A lot of the big old trees on the Old McKendree Chapel grounds have fallen victim to old age and storms, but it’s still a beautiful and peaceful place.

Leaves on Apple Creek

 Leaves on Apple Creek 11-03-2013

The last time I was looking over the old Old Appleton bridge, a gaggle of teenyboppers were jumping off it.

Trail of Tears Marina

Leaves at Trail of Tears State ParkOK, I cheated. I ran this before, but I like it well enough to show it again.

Illinois pumpkins

Illinois pumpkins 11-25-2013_1131

Looks like not all the pumpkins sold out for Halloween.

Old Lorimier Cemetery

 Old Lorimier Cemetery 11-01-2013



Fall Cometh Before the Spring

I should have run these during the fall, but it’s hard to say what’s going to catch my eye on any particular evening. These were taken in the fall of 2009 in Memorial Park Cemetery. If you click on the photo to make it larger, you can see flowers on some of the graves. It’s pretty hard for florists to compete with the natural beauty of nature.

Those aren’t persimmons

Mother’s a real fan of persimmons. We usually make it up to Tower Rock where there’s a great tree. When I took a closer look at the leaves on the ground, I saw the ground was covered with what looked like persimmons, so I made a mad dash up to the house to bring her back to see the treasure I had discovered. I don’t know what they were, but they turned out NOT to be persimmons.

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