Cedar Lake 2014

Cedar Lake 09-156-2014This is the only view I could find of Cedar Lake on September 16, 2014.. There is no public access that I could see.

The lake is northwest of Millersville on the east side of 481 and north of 72.

 Looks similar to this

Boys fishing maybe on Cedar LakeWhen I posted this photo taken in the ’60s back in 2010, I had lots of good comments from folks who confirmed that it WAS Cedar Lake.

Looks like it’s about the same angle, except closer to the water than I could get today without trespassing.

Fishing and Big Spring

Scouts fishingI thought these youngsters might have been fishing at Capaha Park’s lagoon, but I’m not positive.

The boy in the Cub Scout uniform has a Pack numeral on his shoulder and a Cape Girardeau city strip. My first guess he was in my old Pack 8 sponsored by Trinity Lutheran School, but it looks like there is another number in front of the 8. Was there a Pack 18 in Cape? Click on the photos to make them larger.

A hat made for fishing

Scouts fishingIf this kid is half as prepared as his hat, he is a fish killer supreme. He’s equipped with poppers, flies, plugs and some leaders that are thick enough to land a whale.

Is this Big Spring in Van Buren?

Possibly Big SpriingThe reason I wasn’t sure about where the photos were taken was this one frame on the roll. You know how sometimes you can take a quick glance at something and feel almost sure you know what you’re looking at.

This has the feel of Big Spring at Van Buren.Those caves look a lot like the ones in a photo on the park’s website.

I wouldn’t think a bunch of Cub Scouts from Cape would be fishing there, but who knows?