The Heritage Trio

Crystal Lander - Jackson and Anna Nice - Cape- 11-01-2013I posted a shot the other night of a couple of young women playing a guitar and singing on Water Street.

Well, with my readers, you never know what kind of memories are going to get triggered. Brad Brune posted a long, hilarious account of his musical career that I’m going to let you read under the original story. You might have to press Ctrl-F5 to refresh your browser to see all the new comments.

To give you a hint at his prowess, after taking a test in his early grade school days and asking how he did, he was told, “Don’t worry, Bradley, Brunes are good at sports.”

Linda Stone weighs in

Heritage Trio Professional Picture revBefore long, Linda Stone Schrimsher said she had a photo of the The Heritage Trio, a band featuring Gary Fischer, David Hahs and Brad. Here’s what the boys looked like.

A more cleancut set of lads could not be found in Cape County. (Here is Brad today.)

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5 Replies to “The Heritage Trio”

  1. That picture evokes images of a street in New Orleans, late at night with the mist off the river. I can readily envision Brad Brune sitting there with his dog Olivia by his side, playing his Yamaha 6 String Classic guitar while puffing on a fine cheap cigar and singing the blues – but with the poetry of a Tom Waits. I know I would stop and give a listen.

  2. Darla,
    Yes. There were 5 Brune boys born in the 7 years between 1945 – 1951. They were Jeff, Greg, Brad, Scott & Lance. Unfortunately Jeffrey Charles only lived 3 days and I have named my beloved son Jeffrey Scott in his memory. You’d think Mom was kept barefoot and pregnant but that was only partly true. She was always pregnant, but she still worked part time all those years as the seamstress and alterations lady for Brune’s Cleaners. Like Dad always said, “what a gal!”.

    When my parents were frequently asked “are you Catholic?” They always took these remarks in good humor and had developed a few cute responses to make light of the question and not offend any of our many Catholic friends.

    The last time I heard that poke was in 2007 a few months before my Dad passed over. I had taken my Mom to the Missouri Veterans Home for them to be honored as the oldest living marriage at 63 years. Dad, a proud veteran had been a tenant there since 2005 when he had suffered a major stroke.

    Dad couldn’t move his right side or speak those last difficult years, so when you combine that with the onset of some dementia even before the stroke – we weren’t always sure if he was understanding us or what was going on around him.

    At the nice polite ceremony for the 5 couples being honored for longevity of life and their marriage, Mom was accepting the coveted award with a few words. Dad just sat there expressionless and seemingly unaware of his surroundings. When she mentioned that she and Charlie had 5 boys in 7 years… one of the crusty old veterans spoke out, “My goodness… I didn’t know you were Catholic Charlie?” To which Mom beamed and didn’t miss a beat saying, “No, Charles always says we are just sexy Methodists.”

    The room became uncomfortably quiet as no one knew exactly how to react.

    All eyes turned to Charlie, and he gradually cracked a smile and gave a thumbs up with his good hand. The whole room erupted in laughter and Dad received many pats on the back.

    Methanks you for your kind concern about my vocal quality. But if you will read my sad story a little closer… the whole gist was that I never did have appreciable musical talent, and that included a voice that was meant for a background “DooWop” singer or the privacy of my shower.

    The only performing I do now days is singing “Puff the Magic Dragon” and “Pow Wow the Indian Boy” for my grandchildren. I always substitute the grand-kid’s name for “Jackie Paper” and for “Pow Wow”. The kids seem to enjoy it – even with my mediocre and cigar diminished vocal talents.

  3. Pat,
    Thanks Ol’ buddy! You’re welcome to stop and listen, but don’t forget to drop a few bucks in the tip-jar. Social Security and Obama Care are the reason I’m singing the Blues!!

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