Mad Men of CHS

Folsom Spradling Mueller Sommers CHS 8For better or worse, for once I can identify all of the people in a photo.

Steve Folsom, son of journalism teacher Betty Folsom, is reading Mad Magazine. He possessed the most unique set of eyebrows at Central High School.

I dated one of his twin sisters, Linda, briefly. (The briefly part was her choice, as I recall.) She and sister Laura weren’t THAT hard to tell apart once you got to know them, but they played the Twin Game the first night I went to pick up my date. Her grandfather, standing behind them, took pity on me and quietly pointed to the right one.

Al Spradling III is next. He was a Tiger business manager.

The next two characters were my debate partners at one time or another. John Mueller and I had an undefeated season my freshman year.You can see other photos of John here.

Pat Sommers, at far right, had a propensity to declare himself Number One in almost every photo I took of him. He is a little more dignified these days. Actually, now that I think of it, I DID shoot a picture of him wearing a tie at a basketball game.

You can click on the photo to make it larger, but that’ll just show up all the dust spots I didn’t bother to retouch out.

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  1. We had Mad magazines all over the house for several years…I don’t know how Mom put up with them. glad you found that photo of Steve, brings back memories,

  2. Ahhh…Pat Sommers is still number one in my book too! MAD and Alfred E. Newman who could forgot those times. The movie features were my favorites, especially THE HEAP! and MAD version of “THE BLOB” circa 1958….Excellent…(Monty Burns voice here)

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