Class of 65: Who We Were

One of the advantages of being a pack rat is that you stumble across neat stuff. Here are scans of the bios we all submitted for the Class of 1965’s 10th Reunion and 25th Reunion.

Click on the link below to download a file with the all of the 10th Reunion biographies.

CHS Class of 65 10-Year Reunion bios

Click on the link below to download a file with all of the 20th Reunion Biographies.

CHS Class of 1965 20-Year Reunion bios

These are fairly large files, so here’s a way to download them if you get an error message: Right-click over the link, then chose “Save Link As” or the equivalent. When the file is finished downloading, open it with Adobe Acrobat or other pdf reader.

Doin’ the math

I did a short stint as Society Editor at The Missourian while the real one was on vacation or they were searching for a replacement. I was grousing about what a pain it was to write up all the engagements and weddings when one of the old-timers told me how it was important that I got all of the dates exactly right.

“There are a bunch of busy-body old biddies in town who clip the wedding announcements so they can do the math when the birth announcements come out to see if anybody jumped the gun,” she said.

Do you think anyone will care?

Someone asked me if I thought anyone would care that I was dredging up all of this old information on my classmates.

  1. The Internet and my Mother’s attic are forever.
  2. You’re the one who married him / her. Don’t blame it on me.

We’ll see you all this weekend. Stay tuned to this space for pictures. (Russ Doughty said that skinny dipping was involved at the 10th Reunion. That’s the one I missed, wouldn’t you know it?)

4 Replies to “Class of 65: Who We Were”

  1. Boy do I know about the “old biddies” in town. Shortly after Jerry and I were married someone said to my mother that she’d seen me walking down the street and she saw that I was “expecting.” That’s really odd since our first son wasn’t born till 7 years later!

  2. You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

    Terry, mine’s in Cleveland, and I’m not letting it out of the vault–10, 20, and 50th birthday.

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