St. Vincent’s 1965 Basketball Team

Here’a a shot of St. Vincent’s Grade School basketball team from 1965, The boy in the front row, middle, is holding a trophy of some kind. (Click on the photo to make it larger.)

It seems like I’ve hit a string of sports negative sleeves. I’ll try to spread them out a little, but there is some softball action coming.

4 Replies to “St. Vincent’s 1965 Basketball Team”

  1. Don’t remember any names…but I can tell which ones were at teh Capaha Pool in those years. First row second from the left, Second row number 00, and 22
    Third row number 21 and 29..
    The rest were probably good kids and did not swim or caused no trouble, at least at the pool.

  2. Number 11 – Nicky Powers -44 – Mike Flaker – 33 Mike Wulfers. Look at all the Chuck Taylor converse, still in style and still agreat basketball shoe. Air Who???

  3. Bottom row l to R is Mark Wood, David Scherer, Nicky Powers,Mike Flaker, Mike wulfers.
    Second row, l to R Gary Van Welden, Mark Pfhautch, unknown, Skip Wrape, unknown
    Back row is unknown except the last one on the right is Kevin Spaeth.

  4. Skip, I think the unknowns on the second row are Randy Jones and Danny Wengert. One on the back row is Brian Pfautsch next to the coach.

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