Central vs Perryville Homecoming

This shot of Charlie Duncan and Fanny Clemmons walking off the field after Central bested Perryville 20-6 in the homecoming game was published in the 1965 Girardot.

Duncan was a superb athlete and one of the nicest guys at Central. The Girardot Senior Directory lists his activities as “President, Treasurer of Homeroom; Varsity Club; Football; Track; All-State Honorable Mention, All Conference First Team.”

Fanny was in the Sports Club and was Secretary, Treasurer of the Volleyball Club.

“Glory Comes Late in Season”

The Girardot said “The highlight of this year’s season came in a triumphant victory over the Perryville Pirates, 20 – 6. This being the homecoming and final game, the Tigers would settle for nothing less than victory. Executing brilliant plays and coordinated teamwork, Central took and early lead. The second half showed as much determination as the first, as the Tigers maintained a definite advantage and ended the Pirates’ winning streak.”

Cape Beat Jackson 19 – 0

I remember Jackson as being Cape’s biggest rival in our generation. The Girardot reported on the season’s fourth game: “The rivalry between Cape and Jackson surged to a climax as Central downed the Indians, 19 – 0.”

There were several players with numbers beginning with 5 in the yearbook team photo. Since I can’t read the whole number, it could be Mike Gray (52), Wayne Roeder (50) or Leslie Carlton (56). I know it’s not Bill Jackson (54), and I’m pretty sure it’s not Mike Gray. The girl on the left looks like she might have been one of the Dunklin girls, but I’ll let somebody else confirm it.

CHS lost squeaker to Sikeston

The Sikeston – Cape Central game I covered in 2010 was a blowout, with Sikeston scoring in the first minute and winning 21 – zip. The 1965 Girardot said “One of the most thrilling games was the Tigers’ encounter with the Sikeston Bulldogs. The last 52 seconds proved to be the deciding point when the Bulldogs scored a touchdown, ending the game in a close 20 -19 defeat for the Tigers.

I’m pretty sure # 84 was Jerry O’Connell.

1964 Varsity Scores

The Girardot: “Highlights of Central’s 1964 football season included both disappointments and triumphs.”

  • CHS vs Blytheville: 6 – 12
  • CHS vs University City: 7 – 14
  • CHS vs Paducah Tilghman:  6 – 6
  • CHS vs Jackson: 19 – 0
  • CHS vs Poplar Bluff: 0 – 14
  • CHS vs Sikeston: 19 – 20
  • CHS vs Chaffee: 34 – 13
  • CHS vs Charleston: 0 -14
  • CHS vs Perryville: 20 – 6

The yearbook’s team photo has some of the numbers obscured, but I’m going to guess that #28 was Mike Friese. Girlfriends, unfortunately, didn’t wear numbers, so I’m not sure who the girl was. Ron Riley was wearing #73 in the yearbook.




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  1. It is definately Leslie Carlton in the first picture. You have any 64-65 shots with Lee Roll in them?

    1. I haven’t published many sports photos because I don’t have much info on them. Uniforms back then were pretty generic, so I don’t even know who the teams were, let alone who the players were.

      I’ll go back to the Missourian’s sport section in the archives and see if I can narrow some stuff down. I wasn’t sure how much interest there was in the games. I’ll give it a try from time to time. I’m almost more interested in crowd shots and photos like these than I am in game action.

  2. The Perryville game was a huge upset. They were undefeated and heavily favored. The win almost salvaged an otherwise disappointing football season for us. In an interesting sidenote, Head Football Coach Bob Goodwin taught Sunday School at the First Baptist Church. I was always there as was the Perryville’s star fullback, Roy Hartle. His family moved to Cape just before his senior year, but he finished high school in Perryville. After our upset win, I wondered what the next Sunday School class would be like. To his credit Roy was there as usual. Neither Coach Goodwin nor I said anything about the game, until Roy mentioned it. Roy said: “We would like to play that one again.” I remember thinking: “No! No! We’ll stick with the one we just played”.

    1. Hi Andy! Long time no see. I remember you finding a 1955 double die penny after buying coins from the bank on West End Blvd. We used to go through all my coins from my paper route. Good to hear your name again!

  3. Mike Friese number 28 with his first wife Kathy Rooker walking arm in arm in picture number 5#…sniff…

  4. Also in uniform in pic#3 is CHS marching band member John Wilkins, French Horn player, standing above almost every one else at 6’4″, not including the plumed band hat. I was also in the marching band for my freshman year, but practicing the clarinet was not on my priority list. The next year i became a manager for the football team and coach Goodwin. Great to see these photos. John and i have been best friends for over 50 years.
    fred williams CHS class of’67

  5. John Wilkins is the band member in the background of Les Carlton’s picture. Also, that is Jane Dunklin in the same picture.

  6. #84 is definitely my old neighbor Jerry O’Connell. You could always tell big “O” after the games because his uniform was still clean and he had chicks hanging all over him. My uniform was also pretty clean except for the left knee and my butt, but that’s where the comparison ended.

    Big O was very popular with all the boys that lived around Franklin too, because his Father was a Candy Distributor and always had a huge storage stash in his basement. Jerry was indeed the “Candy Man” supplying all of us with smuggled treats with out the knowledge of his dad.

    I’ll never forget the night his house burned to the ground. It was a surreal scene with dozens of adults and children in their PJ’s standing in the street watching the firefighters’ unsuccessful efforts to save the O’Connell home. Our parents were proud of the tears they saw in all the young eyes – thinking we were compassionate friends feeling for our friend Jerry. Little did they know the majority of the tears were for the boxes of “our” candy going up in smoke.

  7. I just got off the phone with my sister, Jane, and that is not a Dunklin girl in the third picture. Jane’s husband, Joe Stahly, looked at the picture and agrees.

  8. Me too. I’d eat my hat if that’s not Jane Dunklin. Known her all her life…. Joe might know better, but I’d like to hear it from Jane.

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