Cardinals and Marlins – What a Difference

When Brother-in-Law Don Riley and I went to the Cardinals – Marlins Spring Training Opening Day in Jupiter, Fla., on a sunny February day, we wouldn’t have predicted that one team would end up the World Champs and the other would be in last place in their division.

(In case you’ve been sleeping, it was the St. Louis Cardinals who won big in the seventh game in one of the most exciting series I can recall watching.)

Click on the photos to make them larger. Maybe you can spot David Freese, I couldn’t.

LaRussa’s autograph

I wonder if this kid held onto the ball Tony LaRussa signed for him and if he got to stay up late to watch the Series. I hope so.

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5 Replies to “Cardinals and Marlins – What a Difference”

  1. I confess that I am one who gave up on their chances on August 25th when they were 10 1/2 games out of first place. I went to a meeting where the Cardinals General Manager was apologizing because the trades didn’t seem to be working and the team hadn’t played welll up to that point. I wanted to console him and let him know his efforts were appreciated but he quickly disappeared after speaking to the group. What a great gift of winning it has been this year and a wonderful lesson to the youngsters to never give up and never quit, even when things seem stacked against you. (Not a bad lesson for a few of us adults too!)

    Ken,to answer your question, I didn’t see David Freese in the photo either. Most of the players in the dugout are ones who were assigned to the minors or coaches. It looks like this could be a split squad early in Spring Training. If Freese was there he probably had run out to 3rd base already as it appears the Cardinals are taking the field.

    Next week Son, Tom and I will head to Arizona to watch the “baby Cardinals” play in the Fall League. One of the players we will watch is Zach Cox, #84 second from the left in the photo.

    Congratulations to all Cardinals fans!

  2. These last few weeks with the Cardinals has been like living in a Fairy Tale! Unbelievable and amazing! Spring training games are wonderful. Hope to get to some this coming year. Thanks for all your beautiful pictures, Ken.

  3. Like the rest of the western world…I got up a little late this morning…The cards won with a team thatwas missing on of the great pitchers of our ear. A Super star who hit 28 points below his average for the year. Traded a fine center fielder new the end of trading dead line for a good starting pitcher, and couple of guys who maybe could help mop up in the middle innings…Now they are world champs!
    Wow is all I can say. Watching the world Series with my dad, the last two games was great and to have his beloved Cardinals win was icing on the RED Cake for me!
    Cannot wait for next year! Go Cards!
    I might have to sneak over to Jupiter to watch them in spring trainig or at least see them when they play the Blue Jay’s in my home town of Dunedin.

  4. Terry- Wish I could have had the chance to watch this series with my dad. Remember going to old Sportsman Park in St Louis in the Fifties with dad. He said “old Stan the Man is going to hit a homer this time up”. Sure enough, Stan hit it out. Great memories !!!! A true miracle, way to go Cardinals!!

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