Did They Open the Time Capsule?

It was a pretty, if chilly, day in Cape, so Missourian reporter Melissa Miller and I decided to walk from the paper downtown to lunch by cutting through the Common Pleas Courthouse grounds and walking down (and up) 55 steps (plus landings). I won the honor by being the 100th person to “Like” her Facebook page. (Here’s how I know it was 55 steps.)

It was a pleasure meeting her after exchanging email and FB messages. It was a bit of a downer, though, when the cashier asked if I was her dad, but I suppose that’s better than being asked if I was her grandfather.

On the way back to the office, I looked around at all of the markers and memorials that I had never paid attention to before.

Research or nap?

This one is a marks a time capsule right next to the west foundation of the courthouse:

AUG. 19 – 25, 1956

My interest was piqued. What was in the time capsule from 1956? Did they open it in 2006? I did a cursory search of Cape Bicentennial events in 2006 and saw no mention of it. As the afternoon went on, I had to make a choice: continue my research or take a nap. Nap won out. I’ll let someone else tell me if it was opened.

Cardinals to name Mother MVP

You’ll read about the other courthouse markers and memorials later. I couldn’t edit photos, do research and write copy with the Cardinals playing like they did in Game 6. I decided to call it a night after that last homer.

I’m waiting to open the door any minute though, and be visited by a plague of sportswriters carrying a big trophy naming Mother Most Valuable Player. When I took a break, I found her dead asleep with the TV blaring basefall. She and the Cardinals were taking the same approach to the game.

Fortunately, she woke up in the bottom of the ninth, and so did The Birds. I made sure to go upstairs and give her a poke every time the Cards came up to bat after that. I hope I can keep her awake for Game 7.



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  1. Ken,
    I have thought often of asking if your friend “Frony” had in his archives any pictures of the sesquincentennial celebration in 1956. I remenber Daddy growing a beard and being in some sort of skit with the Optimist Club; but have no pictures.
    Thanks for all the memories of growing up in Cape.
    Best wishes to your Mother.

  2. I was at the burial of time capsule on the west side of the Courthouse. I believe Mayor Ford did the honors. I remember the parade down Broadway and all the men grew beards. They were called Brothers of The Brush”. I still see some Brothers of The Brush pinbacks at some antique shops and shows occasionally. There was a pageant at Stadium that traced Cape from it’s humble beginnings with the townspeople being the actors. As an eleven year old, that’s what I remember of that week.

    As far as the Cardinals, just when their backs are to the wall and one has given up on them, here they come! Will there be a finish like the 1980 USA Hockey Team? Will there be a sequel to the movie “miracle”, called Miracle II? It has been an interesting Cardinals season to understate the obvious! I hope your Mom can pull them through tonight.

    As always thanks for the many stories, memories and great photography.

  3. When your Mother is 90,(mine is 94)maybe there is a better choice of words describing her….”I found her dead asleep with the TV blaring basefall”.


    My Shy Reader came through, as usual. She sent me an email and a link:

    “This is a cringing embarrassment both for me and for my beloved Cape Girardeau. No, the capsule wasn’t opened in 2006, because it had already been opened in 1993. The city wanted a celebration. It was based on Lorimier’s establishment of a trading post here in 1793.

    “An observance was held, but it was nothing like the big Sesquicentennial in 1956. The bad thing was, by celebrating early, they spoiled the chance for a really big doin’s in 2006. There were a few things that year, too, but not like 1956.”

    Here’s a long story about how most of the stuff in the capsule was water damaged.

    There’s a zoom button at the top right of the Google News page to make it large enough to read.

  5. To Susan Valle: My dad was in the Optimist Club at that time with your dad. I have seen some pictures of the members with their beards. If I run across them will get in touch with you or your brother.

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