Seattle Harbor Tour

While we were out in Seattle in August, we signed up for a tour of the harbor on the Spirit of Seattle. It was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, gave us a nice overview of the city and learned some interesting factoids from the tour guide. (If it came from China, there’s a good chance it passed through this harbor, for example.)

This wraps up the photos from the trip. If you’re looking for a place with a variety of things to see, and you don’t mind dealing with traffic gridlock, Seattle is a great destination.

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Photo Gallery of Seattle Harbor tour

4 Replies to “Seattle Harbor Tour”

  1. I think this guy must really be enjoying his job the day this pic was taken. Not sure Seattle is known for its sunny skies?

    1. The first thing everybody in Seattle will tell you is that they are something like the 14th rainiest city in the U.S., behind Miami and Boston.

      We didn’t have a single drop of rain fall on us in the 10 days or so we were there.

  2. The photos of Seattle are great. How did you manage to get there on the only day it didn’t rain in 2011?

    And did you drink the coffee?

    By the way, where are the photos of Bill Gates’ house? We don’t care about volcanoes. We want to know about the Star Trek thing you wear so he can tell where you are in his house.

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