Atlanta Cyclists Headed to Key West

I’ve been neglecting my bike blog lately, so I spent a day a editing a video and pulling together photos of three women from Atlanta who camped overnight in our back yard on their way to Key West.

Before they pulled out of town, I led them on a ride on Palm Beach’s Lake Trail. Here they are in front of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.

You can see more photos of the riders on PalmBeachBikeTours.

Video of Palm Beach Lake Trail ride

6 Replies to “Atlanta Cyclists Headed to Key West”

    1. Terry,

      First, you have to cultivate an innocent and harmless look.

      Second, it helps if you don’t show up on any local, state or federal lists that prohibit you from living near schools nor playgrounds.

  1. Wow Ken. Thank you so much for the pics and video. Watching it brought back many feelings and memories. Though it was just a month seems like a lifetime ago. Touring changes you. I seem to be more relaxed and in the moment. Cant wait to go again. Your production is very professional. Your very good at this. Thanks again for this and all your hospitality.

  2. Can’t help but contrast the technology involved with these bikes to my solid steel, one speed, Schwin which ruled the road in Cape in the early 60s 🙂

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