Mystery Men, Mystery Meat

Here’s another mystery photo. It looks like the meeting is being held in some kind of sporting location because this shot has a door marked Locker Room in it. On the other hand, I can’t think of any schools that allowed the serving of beer. (Take a look at the old-style carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher on the wall.

Falstaff cups

I see some soft drink bottles in some photos, but this beverage is being dispensed into Falstaff cups. I can’t see the pictures on the wall clearly enough to identify them. They aren’t athletes. I wonder if these might have been taken at the Knights of Columbus building?

Mystery meat

Looks like the server is dishing out a Sloppy Joe. They were one of my favorite cafeteria foods in elementary school until one day when I ate one too many and got spun around on the playground. I haven’t been able to face another one to this day.

OK, folks, it’s up to you to fill in the blanks on this one.

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  1. Don’t know where it is at but Burt Lehman and his Dad are in the first picture. I believe his Dad was Superintendent of the Cape schools.

  2. I would bet a “cold one” this is a gathering of the SEMO Boosters Club (or something close to that) at the National Guard Armory in S W Arena Park. Think they had an annual B B Q in those days. Sure looks like Edgar Bock drawin’ the beer.

  3. The pictures do look like they were taken in the Arena building. Some of the photos(may still be there) in the room on the south side of the building. It use to have a lot of pictures on the wall, but I can’t remember what was on the photos. In picture one, the guy on the left looks like Joe Pyland who graduated in the class of 1961. I agree with Ken Lipps that it is Mr Edgar Bock on the tapper in photo #2. Alas, some of the rest look familiar but I can’t remove the curtain of time. That seems to be a reoccuring theme.

  4. PS After further review, I agree with Jesse James that the two on the right in Photo #1 are Burt Lehman and his Dad, Hal. Mr Lehman was Business Manager of the Schools for years, didn’t know he was the Superintendent. Mr Bock and Mr Lehman were good guys for which many of us wouldn’t have played organized ball if they hadn’t volunteered their time for the youth.

  5. I believe the gentleman in the middle of the ‘Falstaff cups picture’ may be George Penzel. The other two guys also look familiar but can’t recall their names

  6. These are great! I do recognize Bert (that is him sucking on a Coke) and his dad, and everyone else looks like adults I grew up with…and only knew as MR. ( fill in the blank). But I am sure others will fil in the mystery names for me…

  7. Hello Pat; Long time, should we drag out those Boy Scout pictures? You are correct, it is George Penzel, someone I should have recognized myself. Don’t mean to be e-mailing on all the comments but it has been an interesting morning with lots of good memories.

    1. Comments are good. Keep ’em coming.

      I never know what you folks like. I’ve had these pix kicking around a long time wondering what to do with them. The story I was working on wasn’t coming together like I wanted, so I grabbed these so I could go to bed.

      I think I’m going to start posting random photos and let you guys do all the heavy lifting. It’d save me a bunch of time.

  8. I think that is George Cauble (Becky and Roslyn’s father) in the third picture that is serving.

  9. It is the armory, I spent three years as the janitor there. All the tags are correct. I had totlly lost memory of Mr. Bock until this photo and then a thousand images were recalled. He was always a gentleman.

  10. Ken, can’t see the comments. Link takes me to the “post comment” so I can comment, but I can’t see where readers have gone before. this has happened on a couple of other items as well.

    1. Bill,

      Press CTRL-F5. That’ll clear your cache and refresh your browser. I don’t know if the issue is with browsers or the WordPress program that runs the blog. Drive me crazy, too.

      If you sign up for the Comments feed at the top right-hand side of the page, you’ll see new comments as they come in.

  11. Lehmans, Bock, and Penzel are correct. Interesting note – Bock and Penzel offspring – Louie Bock and Carolyn Penzel are married…..

  12. The three men drinking Falstaff beer are Edgar Bock, George Penzel and my father-in-law Robert W. Erlbacher Sr.

  13. Ken, here I go again but I must tell you not to be concerned about what you pick for the website and it is not a matter of what we like. You have “hit so many home runs” lately with the photos you place on your website!
    Your website has meant so much more to those of us that grew up in Cape. How can I thank you for the many comments that I enjoy from my classmates, school mates and others? The memories come flooding back of people, places and events of many years ago that was part of our daily lives. I am particularily reminded of those who had a part of shaping our lives, so many now gone to a better place. So keep up the good work and to everyone, keep those comments coming. They are so appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Bill,

      I was thinking the other night that we must be achieving some kind of critical mass: that there are now enough regular readers that the odds are good that almost any story will strike a chord with someone.

      I would encourage folks to go back and look at some of the earlier entries that you might have missed if you’re just tuning in.

      The easiest way to do that is to click on the tiny type at the bottom of the page that says “Sitemap.” That’ll bring up an index of everything that’s been posted.

      Good hunting.

  14. It has to be a SEMO Booster BBQ at the armory. My husband use to go to those and it has only been in the last 30 years that they allowed women!! I am serious!! We have always been big supporters at SEMO and I was always furious that I could not go to this BBG! Those are some great men from our past. I wonder whose names will be appearing in the not to distant future!!? Keep those pictures coming Ken, and Thanks……

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