Debating a Nap

Today’s birthday has been a full day. I spent most of it trying to stay ahead of all the comments and well wishes left on the blog, in my email and on Facebook. I’m overwhelmed by all your messages. This evening Bike Partner Anne and I headed over to Okeechobee for dinner. We ate so much that I was afraid we might not be able to get the car doors closed. We sort of forgot that we’ve normally been riding 30+ miles when we go to that buffet. I’m glad I don’t own a bathroom scale. I don’t want to know.

Anyway, all that frivolity kept me from getting any work done. Here’s a shot of me perfecting what I now do best: nap. Mike Seabaugh and I are in the back seat of a car taking us to a debate somewhere. I don’t know where or when.

I loved debate

I loved debate. There was something challenging about having to argue either side of a topic. That was good training for journalism where you try to stay as objective as possible. Learning that no one side has all the answers is good to know. I particularly enjoyed cross-examination, even if that’s the place where I was most likely to lose points with little sidenotes on the rating sheet that would read “sarcastic” or “sardonic.”

We had good coaches in Ruby Davis and Calvin Chapman. The size of our school, quality of coaching and long tradition of debate excellence put the smaller area schools at a disadvantage. About the only school that could hold its own against us was Sikeston.

I flirted with the idea of becoming a lawyer, but photography was more fun and a lot less work.

3 Replies to “Debating a Nap”

  1. Well a happy belated birthday to you! and a nap is wonderful thing…30 minutes of down time at noon has enabled me to run stronger people into the ground at midnight and beyond for since my twenties when I discovered I could take a 20 minute power nap wake up refeshed and not groggy. I do hope and your birthday wish you got nice nap!
    Happy Birthday my friend!

  2. And a Happy Belated Birthday from me, too! My husband was a debater also, and he loved it. He did end up going to law school, but found he didn’t want to practice it. So now he’s a philosopher. I try not to get into arguments with him.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday wishes from up here as well!!! I do well remember being humbled a time or two debating at CHS!!!! Be Well, and hope you had a great one, digesting that buffet!!!!! molater, kkr

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