Why Are They So Relaxed?

Lolita Stone and Helen Ketterer c Aug 1964I was scanning a negative sleeve marked “Jackson Primary – 1964,” when I spotted these two frames that were both not Jackson and not what I expected.

Way back in 2009, I showed another side of Miss Helen Ketterer at a wrestling match, but I don’t think I ever saw her as relaxed at school as she is in these photos. The Jackson pictures had an August 1964 calendar on the wall, so these may have been taken before school started. The woman on the left is Lolita Stone (spelled Lollita Stone in the 1964 yearbook), who worked in the office.

Here’s another story I did on Miss Ketterer and Mrs. Moore in the office.

Mr. G showed up

Wayne Goddard, Lolita Stone and Helen Ketterer c Aug 1964

Even assistant principal Wayne Goddard – Mr. G – has a relaxed look about him. He actually looks like he’s part of a Social Club different than the ones students were invited to attend after school. I don’t know who the man on the right is.

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  1. Mr. Plunk was a very nice man! He was at Central, when I taught there.
    When I came to Central in the late 60’s, I was amazed that teachers had no teacher’s lounge/work room. For a school that size, I found it ridiculous that teachers had to find tables out in the hall like the ones in these photos, where they could grade papers and do desk work.
    The teachers’ lounge for the ladies (separate from the men) was tiny–less than six chairs, as I remember. The only amenity was a soda machine.
    The junior high, a newer building, was much more comfortable.
    The only thing that made my free period tolerable was that Alta Muegge was off the same hour.

  2. Mr. Plunk was my eighth grade math teacher over at Junior High. He was a very nice and caring teacher.

  3. Speaking of Mr. Plunk, I remember my husband, Brad, saying that one day in class Mr. Plunk asked them for some suggestions for a name of his soon to be new child and someone offered the name KER.

  4. Take notice of their dress. This appears to be in August before classes began, no jeans or tacky clothing. They are dressed just as they would on the first day of class.

  5. Funny all thru school…I never knew Mr. G. was and All -American Football player wit SEMO in the late 1930’s!
    Some said he was the best football player ever at SEMO.
    Just thought you would like to know…

  6. I did my Student Teaching at Central under Madame Sivia. In fall semester of 1965 there was a women teacher’s lounge, because I was allowed to use it. It was just right of the front doors as I recall and it had more than a few chairs. I know it had a couch and at least one round table.

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