Queen Carol and King Mike

Queen Carol Rawlings and King Mike Price c 1964I’m 87.6% sure that the royal couple are Carol Rawlings and Mike Price.

They were CHS Class of 1964, but I didn’t find the photo in the 1963, 1964 or 1965 Girardots. There were crop marks on the margins of the photo that looked like it might have run in The Missourian, but I couldn’t find it in the Google archives.

Sorry about the crease at the bottom. The print must have been bent in storage.

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  1. They were both class of 1964. Carol is deceased and Mike and Donna Sides Price are retired and living in KC near children and grandchildren.

  2. So greatful to see this picture of my beautiful sister. Would love to have a copy. Her daughters are just as lovely and doing well. Both live in Alabama not far from us. Pat

  3. Perhaps it was Mr n Miss CHS?!

    Yes, Carol and all the Rawlings girls beautiful!

    Pat, SO glad to hear reply from you!!! Mom and Dad dearly loved you and I was an admirer!!!! Such good times working in the store!!! Hope we’ll and glad Carol’s daughters nearby!

  4. Brad, how is that cute CeCe? Talked with Cheryl recently. Wish could get our 6 mo old granddaughter to MO!!! Ha. Hard enough to get to VA!!! Hi to all!!

  5. Hi,
    Oh, yes, indeed, this photo is of beautiful Carol Rawlings and handsome Mike Price, who has been married to my beautiful, dear friend, Donna Sides Price, for years, and they have two super-bright and good-looking “boys.”
    It is lovely to see pictures of my class, the class of ’64.
    Thanks so much and continued success, Ken,

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    CeCe (Cecelia Rose Evans) couldn’t be better Kay Margraf Ancell. As a purely unbiased grandfather…. She is so talented and cute – I suspect she is the reincarnation of Shirly Temple. But…. that’s just me.
    PS: Her stage name is: “CeCe Rider”

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