No Birthday Respect

Ken Steinhoff as depicted by Post Photo Staff on 40th Bday 03-24-1987If I hadn’t gotten a happy birthday message from a Facebook friend, I probably would have forgotten that March 24 is my birthday. Dad and his brothers all died by age 60, so I had a rough year expecting my number to come up in 2007.

When I hit 61, I figured there would be a chance that I might pile up a few more years. That’s one of the reasons I jumped at the chance to take a buyout and early retirement, a decision I haven’t regretted for a second when I see what has happened to newspapers.

The only problem with getting older is that it keeps getting harder and harder to get respect. Above is how my Palm Beach Post photo staff my age progression for my 40th birthday.

Zem Zem Potentate

potentateA former intern sent me this story about my apparent promotion.

Even Curator Jessica mocks me

Ken Steinhoff c 1967 in Scott Quad caption by Jessica CydersI’ve worked hard to scan and bring to life photographs of SE Ohio for the Athens County Historical Society and Museum. What kind of respect do I get? Here’s a photo that’s on the wall of Curator Jessica’s office. The thought bubble is her creation.

The Real Me

Ken Steinhoff c 1967 by Lila SteinhoffFor a few minutes after the alarm goes off on Birthday Morning, I’m going to be this guy.

Until, unfortunately, I heave myself out of bed, walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror at some stranger staring back at me.




12 Replies to “No Birthday Respect”

  1. Happy Birthday! Not really sure how old I am, but I know you are the “older” brother of the three of us. Here’s a birthday tip I’ve found useful, walk by the mirror and quickly take a cursory glance never really stopping for a full inspection. The guy I always see checking me out in the mirror, still looks familiar that way…

  2. Happy Birthday ! I love your posts and this one made me laugh. I believe you at least have a few more good years in you !

  3. Have a great birthday and keep those pictures and interesting reading coming. Look forward to each of them.

    1. Marge,

      I’ll keep trying to dredge up new stuff. I told Road Warriorette Shari that I’m not sure what we’re going to talk about if we do another trip together. We’ve covered all our pasts, caught up to the present, and there ain’t much future left.

  4. Happy Birthday, Ken! I’m guessing the majority of we Class of 65ers are now 68 or looking to make that number real soon. How did you stay so young? Ü

  5. If I was to follow Don McClard’s or Bill Hopkin’s opinion I would never ever class you as cool. However, that “sun never” photo is super cool.

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